Shenyang Real Estate Five certificates all no more than 10 building sales billion

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BCC network Shenyang August 16 News (reporter Tsui) according to the Voice of China, "Yang News" 10:50 report, a few days ago, the media reported that located in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, "Asian City" real estate development projects, certificate, pre-sale permits, such as "Five Certificates" no, but more than 10 buildings have sprung up, sales amount of billion. Recently, the media said that the five card is not all but already sold billion of the real estate is located in the Shenyang Huanggu Jinsha Street, a town called the Asian city of the real estate. The real estate due to the local high quality of the primary and secondary schools, and Liaoning University and the location of the business district is also very close, so once the launch will be the favor of buyers.  Since 08, the Asian City project from the time of the drawing has started to sell, at that time the price is more than 5,000 yuan per level, so far this year prices have soared to the average price of more than 7,700 yuan per square meter, and 2/3 of the buildings have been sold. So far this property is still five-proof, the reason is because this project in addition to not according to the rules formalities, developers to get to the land after unauthorized increase in the volume rate, more than 40,000 square meters of construction, the house covers the period but asked the owner to purchase the whole section, In addition, due to the interests of developers and vendors, there has also been the sale of various houses and a room two selling phenomenon.
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