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The newspaper (reporter Liu) do not need to buy tickets, no need to swipe card, as long as the phone lightly touch, you can take the subway or bus.  June 1, mobile phone Shenzhen official put into use, the public as long as the mobile phone to replace a Rfid-sim card, can be in Shenzhen all the public transport, subway, and electric taxis to pay for the brush mobile phones. Mobile phone Shenzhen through Shenzhen Mobile and Shenzhen Tong Company Development, the project based on radio frequency Identification Technology (RFID), the mobile phone SIM card, Shenzhen pass card two cards in the same, the user replaced Rfid-sim card, do not change the mobile phone number, you can pay for the brush mobile phone. Reporters in the subway station, passengers in the use of mobile phone Shenzhen through, with the phone on the back of the swipe machine lightly, a crisp "drip" sound, mobile phone payment has been successful.  Open the Phone menu, which clearly shows the record of the transaction and the balance, easy to use. In addition to payment, inquiries and other functions, mobile phone Shenzhen can also be tied to the mobile phone to pay accounts or bank accounts, to recharge the air, so that the public travel more convenient. Mobile phone Shenzhen Qualcomm currently has three ways to recharge, including mobile phone recharge, cash recharge, bank channels recharge, users can choose the appropriate way to recharge, each recharge the amount must be 50 yuan multiple times, the maximum amount of stored value can not exceed 1000 yuan.  At the same time, the public can also set their own single maximum consumption limit. It is worth mentioning that the mobile phone Shenzhen Tong also has mobile wallet, mobile phone tong Bao, enterprise card and other functions. At present, more than 750 stores, including shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, as well as subway stations, convention and exhibition centers, transportation hubs, commercial buildings, nearly 200 vending machines can be used to swipe mobile phone shopping, and will be more and more coverage points.
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