Shenzhen gas and Baochang Electric received 28 Air supply agreement

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February 13, Shenzhen Gas (601139) and Shenzhen Baochang Power Co., Ltd. signed the "Natural gas purchase and sale agreement", the agreement is valid until December 31, 2039. The agreement agreed that the second half of 2011 west-East Gas transmission line in Shenzhen, the seller began to supply the buyer, commissioning period of 30 days, the gas supply period of about 28 years.  The price of natural gas sales is carried out according to the price set by the national price authorities. The two sides agreed that the volume of sales amounted to 370 million cubic meters per annum of the agreement, and that the amount of gas (i.e. the minimum annual agreement that the buyer must buy and the seller must supply) 333 million cubic meters. The agreement between the official supply date to the fifth year (up to the perinatal period) of the annual agreement volume of 370 million cubic meters, the amount of air volume is 259 million cubic meters, 277.5 million cubic meters, 296 million cubic meters, 314.5 million cubic meters, 333 million cubic meters. (Li Josin)
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