Shenzhen Longgang responds to JHF for science and Technology city: drive thousands of enterprises

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Longgang Zhang Bei Response JHF for science and Technology city "before the two sessions, I met with Huawei leaders, they told me this year can also increase the GNP for Longgang District 16 billion, more importantly, a Huawei in Longgang, upstream and downstream led to the development of thousands of enterprises."  "Yesterday noon, the use of Longgang District two meetings held gap, Chang Zhang Bei received an interview with reporters that such a large enterprise for Longgang to eliminate backward capacity to provide confidence, the government must serve it, do a good job in the surrounding environment." [Talk about community economy] build a road to open a bank, the community not only to rent Zhang Bei said, in addition to serving large enterprises, Longgang District this year's one focus is the community economic restructuring. He revealed that Shenzhen's first village and township bank ——— Ding Industrial Village Bank will be opened in Longgang this year, which is the main initiator of Inner Mongolia Commercial Bank, but the community AG also shares in village and township banks, the proportion of shares not less than 10%. In addition, the East transit high-speed by the Huayu agency investment, is also talking about Community funds to share the road construction, to ensure the future stability of joint-stock companies return.  And the Guangdong Nuclear Project, which is located on the streets of eastern Longgang, is now considering allowing the community AG to build an apartment building for employees of nuclear power companies, and then signing decades of leases that will ensure a lasting return for the company. "2009 Longgang Community Collective Economy has formed 23.4 billion yuan total assets and 16.8 billion yuan net assets, in the dividend as wages included in the cost of the premise of net assets profit margin is only 1.24%, the profit is too low is inferior to deposit the bank's return is high."  "At present the Longgang community economy development mainly relies on the rental economy, Zhang Bei thinks urgently needs the transformation." [Talk about traffic] next year, there will be a big change. Traffic problems have always been a Longgang District difficult problem, Zhang Bei that there are many reasons for the difficulty of traffic Longgang, including too much historical arrears, the population and traffic pressure caused by the urbanization, the "dark period" of metro line Line 3 construction.  Zhang Bei hope that the citizens to wait, because the subway this year to open, Shenhui transformation to be completed, and so many years of Sand Lotus Road is expected to have substantial progress next year, the past 3 years Longgang total investment of more than 50 billion for traffic, this year will be more than tens of billions of dollars to promote traffic network construction. Speaking of traffic, Zhang Bei shared his observations after the Beijing Olympics: "The public is queuing up for public transport and the road is very orderly." Longgang now many traffic congestion on the road is caused by man-made, some people disorderly red light, illegal retrograde, open a grudge car, resulting in Longgang District is not very good traffic conditions worse.  "Zhang Bei hope that the people of Longgang will show the quality of Longgang to the world at the Universiade held next year." [Talking about the people's livelihood] the livelihood of the people into a record high annual government work report, whether the two municipal councils, or the district meetings and conferences, will set up 10 of people's livelihood, why this year from the report "Missing"? Zhang Bei explained that 2009 Longgang People's livelihood investment amounted to 66, 600 million yuan, accounting for the general budget expenditure of 81.6%, for the construction of the region since 16 the highest. 10 items of livelihood identified in the Government's work report in 2009 have been successful or exceeded, such as property management into the community planned coverage of 80%, the actual coverage of 98.4%. This year's government work report, for the first time, proposes the goal of building a happy urban area for the people, although there are no separate 10 items on people's livelihood, but nearly 80% of the space depicts the people's  The initial estimate is that this year will arrange a financial investment of 7.124 billion yuan for the livelihood of the public, accounting for the general budget expenditure of 85.6%, which is also a record high. [Talk about network political interaction] regularly respond to netizens, the government's daily homework in the government's work report mentioned in the "Netizen problem response mechanism" is normal? Zhang Bei that he often online to understand the views and suggestions of netizens, to reflect the outstanding problems, will be entrusted to the relevant departments to resolve in a timely manner. Last December, Longgang District called some netizens to participate in the traffic work in Phuket, in time for users to put forward the issue of the Phuket area traffic solutions, the implementation of the past one months, the congestion situation in Phuket has been greatly improved. At present, Longgang District has established the reply mechanism of Netizen question. This year, Longgang District will be a regular press conference, netizens and other forms of meeting, and better respond to the views and suggestions made by netizens.
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