Shenzhen, the beginning of the mortgage rate can still play 70 percent

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Shenzhen Bank has not received a moratorium on the implementation of preferential rates to inform the first set of mortgage rates can still play 70 percent South Daily News of the first set of mortgage rates 70 percent era began to end?  "Bank of China officially stopped the first set of mortgage 70 percent discount" News yesterday after the CCTV news broadcast, aroused widespread concern.  Yesterday, the reporter calls the Bank of China headquarters to verify this message, after not connected to the phone call Shenzhen branch, the relevant staff told reporters, for the incident headquarters to give a uniform answer, but for "BOC has canceled the first set of 70 percent interest rate concessions", the response is not possible. Response text said: "In order to further implement the differential credit policy, optimize the loan structure, the Bank of China recently to the individual housing loan interest rate pricing has been properly adjusted to reduce the individual housing loan interest rate concessions, distinguish between the use of loans, distinguish between customer credit status to carry out differential pricing." "The reporter calls the Bank of China Customer Service Center to inquire, the wiring personnel said, currently did not receive to suspend to carry out 70 percent preferential rate notice." At present, BOC in Shenzhen's mortgage policy, in the case of the borrower's risk conditions, the first suite loan interest rate can still hit 70 percent. If the purchase of the housing area of less than 90 square meters, the first payment needs more than 30%; the area of more than 90 square meters can apply for a down payment of 20%. For personal loans to buy a second suite, BOC has no longer recognized the "improved" mortgage approval channel, the down payment will also need 40%, the loan rate if not specifically stated, in principle, the benchmark rate of the People's Bank on the basis of floating 1.1 times times.  For the details of the examination and approval, the operator said that the applicant should contact the specific loan bank, the loan Guild according to the different lenders ' risk conditions. "Bank of China will be the first suite of preferential rate from 70 percent to 85 percent" news, let everyone speculate that banks will immediately follow up this policy, after two suites policy enforcement standards tightened, so that the first Suite loan application standards also increased. The reporter learned that, the Shenzhen Agricultural Bank, CCB, ICBC, and so on the first set of mortgage policy has not been adjusted, currently in these banks can still apply to 70 percent interest rate concessions.
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