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Good afternoon, everyone! The first two are very professional companies, so the part I'm going to talk about today is basically, if the first two parts I've already mentioned will be a little bit simpler, I'll just add some of the things I haven't mentioned and some tips to follow in Taiwan. Because there is a special mention of hope is methodological, plus a lot of tips, and then share with you. So I'm also going to say a few words about my experience, this conference is divided into parts, we still have to classify the key words. Know each other, victorious, if we do not understand what our customers are thinking, how he is searching, how can we do a correct message transmission? The next thing to share is that there is no absolute relationship between the search and the deal. What is the status of the cycle? In the end there will be a summary of what we are doing and a few tips for developing the keyword. Well, the keywords we search for are really all-encompassing, regardless of the big direction, from very small, in fact, with my experience of last year's travel and share with you, when I decided to decide on the honeymoon, it was probably half a year early to start doing the search, because I'm not sure where to go, so I started on the honeymoon trip, Finally, I decided to go to Italy, I began to search Venice, and so on, the whole consumer in the use of the word above really very diverse, there is a report also divided into four categories of keywords, one is a large category, a class is a fine category, MP3 may be MP3 mobile phone, such as, for example, there are specific name, time and brand. Four is the trademark. We can divide these four categories into two main categories. That is the first time to search, what kind of keyword is often used? 83% use the so-called non-brand, is a broad range of keywords. That search to the end, usually deal is what will happen in the keyword? Just the opposite. 83% is not a brand, not the brand has left 38%, that is, in fact, from a wide range of keywords began to search, but the transaction is determined by the amount of keywords. How long will it take the consumer to get around the whole search process? There may be 12 weeks, a full three months, the 15th week, the turnover rate is only 38%, consumers from the brand, or to set the list, continue to make the choice, the longest to reach three months. To make a small summary, in fact, such a search behavior is a process, we can not think that consumers will only do one or two times of search, in fact, is a process. From the beginning of the search for data, rating, to the real deal, is such a link.

So, after we've just learned about the consumer's search behavior, this side of our company to develop their own brand experience, in addition to the official such as the specific keywords, I put it to locate the normal keywords, I think the key words are divided into three categories, a class is a regular keyword, the second is the Creative keyword, the third is other words. Product related or portfolio, honeymoon romance, or watch what my competitor is buying.

Are there any topics or events that are particularly popular now? or special solar terms or seasons? For example, summer vacation, these are special season, for these seasons, there are some special exams, which are seasonal, for seasonal, we are not likely to develop some key words. The third category is other parts, such as typos. Just now the president has mentioned typos, with our experience, even the probability is quite high. So the light product name probably has developed more than 20 kinds of typos, in fact that quantity is very accurate, although the quantity is few, but is very accurate. We now look at all the creative keywords. I like this case very much. I would like to share with you again. Let's look at his GPC first. Well, HSBC stressed that his interest rate is 3 times times the average bank, HSBC's strategy in Taiwan is not to open branches, there is only one branch in Taiwan, so he opened such an advertisement, has been stressed 3 times times. At the same time bought a lot of ads, the left hand has an SBC, you can directly point to his home page. So even to this homepage, has been stressing 3 times times the interest rate thing. The second dial is related to the study above. Let's look at the second GPC.

    This is what I think is the most powerful place, he can make 3 times times to create keywords, through the way of HSBC, do three times times the search, so bought three times times the keyword. I think it's traditional media, such a traditional media operation that a brand customer habitually works to a very good success story. OK, then there are some small experience, just mentioned that the popular topic, to Taiwan's current popular industry, in fact, is very popular cut bangs, Taiwan's basic 10 girls are about five are cut bangs, fringe this is not possible to buy it? But what kind of customer can buy? If it's a plastic surgery, I'll buy the word. Because when a girl is very concerned about their appearance to plastic, when the key word hot words, but no one to buy, so only spend three yuan to buy. Is there any special incident? For example, the Beijing Olympics is now a hot topic, I also particularly on the Yahoo China, search to see if someone bought, there are three of manufacturers in the buy, I think such a key word with current affairs to do the connection, such as tourism, sports, fitness, souvenirs, a lot of industries are able to compete sales. Another special case we just saw. I think this is very creative keyword to buy the method, basically these three words very easy. But because of the HSBC's hitch, I bought these three words. So that's a pretty smart thing to do. Well, again, it's a special festival. Dragon Boat Festival is coming, the seeds of the Dragon Boat Festival can also be bought, in Taiwan, for example, the Dragon Boat Festival has 10 of seeds to buy, Yahoo China only one. I think the domestic manufacturers are very good to play, if too expensive can add some place names or provincial names to distinguish. Now a lot of restaurants in Taiwan are catching holiday promotions, such as the Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, these are very key words. The last thing I want to say is that we know so many keyword classifications and so many methods, such as HSBC, its entire GPC is so simple, but very creative, in Taiwan's reputation is very good. So I think for customers, to think about is how to use marketing methods to do a communication, standing in the perspective of the agent is so. If there is any doubt, then come down to communicate, thank you!

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