Shh! For privacy, don't talk to the Samsung Smart TV.

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When people only care about the work of the circle of friends will be found by the boss, whether the owner has cared about their privacy? Samsung unveiled its privacy policy for smart TV data services in Sunday ...

"Samsung and your device may capture voice commands and related text so that we can provide you with speech recognition features as well as functional evaluations and improvements." Note that what you say, including personal or other sensitive information, will be captured and transmitted to a third party through the speech recognition feature you use. ”

This passage means that if you don't want your words to be recorded and sent to an unknown third party, don't talk around your TV. If you have to talk, unplug the TV first. True, Samsung's privacy policy is to warn users not to talk to their TV. It sounded a little weird, feeling like someone was watching something. Of course, with the exception of Samsung, any device that recognizes and predicts user needs will have information security and privacy issues like Samsung's Smart TV.

In fact, since the electronic equipment has brought us a lot of convenience at the same time, but also took over the part of our lives, become the body's "organ" one. As the protagonist of "Prism Gate" Snowden, "I never use the IPhone, it has special software to collect user information." At the end of last year, people were most concerned about the hacking of Sony, and of course the assassination of Kim Jong Un. And the most exciting estimate is the Apple ICloud Hollywood actress "topless door." Not only did it have a negative impact on Apple, but it also violated the privacy rights of many of the stars, including one of the victims, Jennifer Lawrence, who said the incident was a crime, not a scandal. Of course, in addition to the Red star will be violated, ordinary people will be due to personal information leakage of property life security threats, such as "5 cents to buy and sell credit card information", this information is the harassment of the phone and the source of fraud. In addition, our online shopping information, medical information and even open room information, can be found on the Internet the corresponding sellers.

If personal privacy, in addition to the server in our various account passwords, geographic information and various records, and the use of large data technology to link the data, so as to calculate more specific information. With a variety of real-name policies, such as the April 2000 "personal Savings Account Name", September 1, 2013, "Telephone users true identity information registration provisions", train tickets, and various account binding, through a certain information to know all your information is not a difficult task.

Although these data are collected to better serve everyone, such as fitness tracking devices and related apps, such as the Apple HealthKit platform, which collects a range of health information. However, these services are undoubtedly a potential danger if they are not able to provide appropriate data protection.

In fact, everyone knows that once the Internet, personal information will be "streaking." There is a huge risk and one of the reasons for hindering the development of Internet of things. If the use of information is not regulated, the development of the Internet of things in this context is a matter of concern. At CES this year, Samsung called for joint cooperation in the development of the Internet of things, so personal privacy must not be treated detours.

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