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Forest tsunami now mind, in the construction hotel. Who would have thought that he was a well-known figure in the online gaming circle a few years ago. He is no longer in the arena of online gaming.

He is called "the first Chinese online game plug." This is due to he has made a network of online games, "three workaholic" network. The three networks are one of the first popular online games in China, when they were around 2000. It is said that the plug-in for him to earn millions of yuan.

He also tried to make his own online game, "The Century record." He has worked for Chen and Shi Yuzhu. Now he has tens of millions of shares on the Giants ' network. Even with the share price, the value of these shares will be more than 1 billion yuan.

2005 Summer, Shanghai Magnolia Square. Shi Yuzhu to "first financial daily" talk about. This should be his first time on the online business to receive media interviews.

"I spent a fortune to find one of the top three people in the country. "In a talk with the" First financial daily "reporter, Shi Yuzhu spit out" forest tsunami "This name," My team are looking for the best people, so my game is certainly the best in the country. " ”

Today, on the US Securities and Exchange Commission's website, the name of the forest tsunami, the owner of the network of the journey, appears on the giant's web prospectus.

On the prospectus, he has a 5% stake in the journey network. The prospectus shows that he is also a shareholder in the Giants ' network. However, his name did not appear on the main shareholder list, puzzling. According to media reports, giant network Vice President Min in October still said the forest tsunami still hung with vice chairman of the post, but also the list of directors and executives did not list the position.

What's in it? 2004, the forest tsunami left the grand transfer of the new life of the network, will not think of waiting for their own is so big an opportunity, of course, he did not think of his new boss than himself "better understand the game."

1997, 16-Year-old Lin Tsunami graduated from Zhejiang University Computer Department class. He and Shi Yuzhu are alumni and department friends. After graduation, join Zhejiang University Lingfeng Technology Development Co., Ltd., as the deputy manager of the network. July 1998, the establishment of Hong Zhi Network Technology Development Co., Ltd. February 2003 joined the grand, as Sheng Products Network deputy general Manager and technical director, into the game "Heroic Age" of the research and development. He put some of his own ideas for the Millennium record into the age of heroes. But the age of heroes is still not mature enough. The forest tsunami wanted to leave.

At this time, Shi Yuzhu is enthusiastic to enter the network game. He invited the project team where the forest tsunami was located and made a stake. The proportion of the shares, according to a financial media report, initially reached more than 20%. Forest tsunami position, deputy general Manager and technical director.

The journey network was established in November 2004. The first version of "Journey" came out in 2005. Shi Yuzhu has already begun to do to the media exposure preparation, also have the previous interview scene. However, "World of Warcraft" began operating in China in March, Shi Yuzhu asked to absorb some of the advantages of the game. More important is, Shi Yuzhu request this game make complete prop charge mode.

According to the people close to the Shi Yuzhu, Shi Yuzhu of the forest tsunami team did not satisfied with the results. Later on "Journey" is he personally charge. The forest tsunami is therefore "less important".

Grand people come over, slowly away. This is why Shi Yuzhu external said, he relied on is not "poach" to succeed. Lin tsunami himself, also gradually fade out, about starting from July 2006 no longer responsible for the journey network specific affairs.

Journey Network in the name of the giant network before the IPO, had a round of financing. Probably at this time, the forest tsunami will be part of the stock to cash, only 5% (research and development team other members have shares). But the price is not known.

Even so, the forest tsunami has been satisfied. According to media reports, he has no Yan in the online gaming industry, turned to invest in the development of the hotel industry. He claims to change his way of living.

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