Shi Yuzhu of the ups and downs: My 24 years of entrepreneurship throughout the course from 4000 yuan

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24 ups and downs, to retire, Shi Yuzhu to you, after the time precipitation of business wisdom and life sentiment


"China-Enterprise starting" Shi Yuzhu's readme: My Entrepreneurial Journey

From the 27-Year-old 4000 yuan to the national ranking of the eighth billionaires, from the one-night debt of 250 million yuan "first negative" to borrow brain platinum, online games comeback, Shi Yuzhu is China's 30 years the most legendary business giant. He is a hands-on and a catalyst in China's marketing process, the most in-depth entrepreneur of Chinese consumer research, and an investor and a hardcore network gamer.

In the 1988, I was acutely aware that the market economy would become the mainstream of China's future. After graduating from graduate school in 1989, he abandoned politics and business. The April 2013 Proclamation of retirement is now focused on philanthropy and investment. About product development, marketing communications, advertising, team management, venture capital, such as the Shi Yuzhu's creative business process, in the upcoming "Shi Yuzhu Readme: My marketing Experience"-shi Yuzhu so far the only public works, have done a unique and insightful thinking.

In the book, Shi Yuzhu has no reservation to review the experience and all stages of thinking. The book does not have esoteric theories, Xijinqianhua wash, unadorned, often in an understatement between the essence of bare marketing. The book's publishers read book exclusive license to the Chinese entrepreneur network excerpts from some of the best chapters, readers.



20 years ago, when I was in school, I heard a lecture at Shenzhen University. At that time was the President of the Wanrunan Group, Wan run south political mistakes, of course, I do not welcome politics, I do not understand politics, we do not talk about politics that piece. He made a report on the above and talked about the process of entrepreneurship. I was listening below, feeling very excited, because I was a student, and my idea was, after I graduated, back to the Anhui Provincial Bureau of Statistics, and then continue to start the official, that is, officials this way.

After hearing his report, the impact on me still felt great. I feel that the market economy is the mainstream in the future-now everyone knows, but at that time it was generally believed that China was still a planned economy and would be in the future for a long time. After listening to the report, I began to have the idea that after graduation-not far from my graduation, I began to think about the sea.

When I graduated, I made up my mind and decided to go overboard. I think it is related to the influence of the whole environment when I was in Shenzhen University. Shenzhen University in the reform and opening-up is still walking in the forefront of all universities in the country. As I was at school, I obviously felt that the lack of Shenzhen University is in the academic category, but in the thought is very advanced. On the thought side, Shenzhen University may be ahead of the country.

As for me from a step-by-step life plan, to graduate from Shenzhen University has changed, this must be with the influence of Shenzhen University.

I am in the fast graduation time is pondering, I want to start a business, what I want to do, the thought already in the preparation, I will compile the software.


At that time, the market was like this, when the four is China's largest private enterprises, it was the introduction of typewriters, sold very well. A four-pass typewriter may have been seen by many people, and it removes the computer screen, which is actually a miniature computer that integrates the printer. At that time a (four-pass typewriter) sold more than 20,000 yuan, in the market is also very hot.

I was thinking about what I was doing, since the typewriter was so demanding, many units had computers, and buying a typewriter was actually a waste, and I wanted to make a software that would enable the Unit's computer to function as a typewriter. Just such a WinXP software (desktop software). I investigated the market myself, found that (the market) is very big time, I (decided) a person research and development. After graduation I returned to Anhui, also did not go to work, resigned, just at home to compile the software. The software was about the same as the August of 1989, I came to Shenzhen, contracted a company's computer department.

When I was a poor student, I borrowed 4000 dollars from my parents, which is all my assets. I came by plane and spent 200 bucks, so I couldn't even get 4000 bucks. With this money, I have to register the company is impossible, of course, then do not know how to register the company. Later, I contracted a computer department, which was introduced by my professor at the time of Shenzhen University, and then began to do my software. This software (then) has been developed in general, has not actually been fully developed, so on the edge of development, the market. Product has, the market demand has, although I only 4000 yuan, but I want to do the national market.

To do the national market needs to advertise, advertising will need money. So I ran to Beijing, and found the computer World newspaper, the computer World newspaper was the most authoritative newspaper in the computer field, and the largest circulation. I asked them for help, I said I have a very good product, I now have no money to advertise, can I first advertise after pay. At first (they) don't want to, you don't even have a regular company. So I was grinding, and in the end I agreed. In fact, now look is not expensive, at that time is still very expensive, a layout ads about 8,000 yuan. I played 3 commercials, and after that I promised to pay them 1 months later. After signing the contract, I gave him the ad.

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