Shi Yuzhu spent tens of millions of dozen "Journey 2" TV commercials

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Sina Science and technology news September 14 morning, according to sources said, giant network CEO Shi Yuzhu spent tens of millions of yuan to play TV ads to increase the company's flagship new "Journey 2" of the public measurement exposure.  "Journey 2" will be the official test on September 16, a huge number of advertising will be built in the near future to visit the golden period of domestic television stations. This is the giant's second large-scale use of television advertising resources to promote game products. On the eve of the giant network listing, Shi Yuzhu had played "journey" brand advertisement in CCTV.  6 years of giant products in the field of television advertising is rarely involved. The source said, "Journey 2" in the public testing stage to play TV ads is a long plan.  Since the "Journey 2" in the beta phase to break 300,000 people, the giant network began to prepare the "Journey 2" television advertising shooting and broadcast matters, to strengthen the "Journey 2" product brand and in the 2D online gaming market leading position. "Journey 2" is a 2D martial arts role Playing network game, pioneered the third generation business model-"fair game mode", and into more leisure and community elements.  The game is the most successful independent research and development in the domestic market this year.  According to the introduction, on September 16 will be announced in the public beta version, "Journey 2" development team has been in accordance with the player feedback, the game has been optimized, and will be in the public test around the "romantic Pk, passionate friends" theme of the introduction of more game content. There are early participation in the "Journey 2" TV advertising planning, said Shi Yuzhu for the "Journey 2" prepared advertising film will also be around the above theme, the number of advertising films at least three. The first piece of advertising is expected to be aired this week, drawing on the "journey" laughing Women's ads, which have received widespread attention. (Lin) to share:
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