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Schmitti Marketing to restart the "newspaper debt"

Package the next full edition of the newspaper, only published a few characters, yesterday, the business people of the team in the city of Qi Shi Yuzhu in the way, to promote the company's name "" > Fairy World "Important new products. and marketing personage analysis thinks this is giant group founder Shi Yuzhu the same trick, in 2002 he had because "newspaper debt" event successfully won turnaround.

It is reported that in a mainstream urban newspaper in Shanghai, "Fairy World" package a full version of advertising. There is no colorful picture, not complicated with the map, the version of the advertisement continues the Schmitti marketing has always been a simple and rough style. In the middle of the newspaper there are only 9 Huakang eye-catching characters "Fairy World: I am not a journey!" "Bottom inscribed with a line of small print" Shi Yuzhu team and the past said goodbye, "Fairy World" to create a new giant game play method, do not delete the file seal test, the rest is all left white.

Ten years ago, the giant group was in debt at 300 million to 350 million yuan. When the claim was finally paid off, Shi Yuzhu was hailed as "debt repayment hero", was named CCTV "2001 China's economic year ten figures."

Shi Yuzhu life The first bucket of gold to earn, can not be separated from the traditional media bold, alternative advertising attempts. Since the late 80, Shi Yuzhu in Zhuhai pioneering research and development Hancock, when he emptied all his savings in the "Computer World" magazine to play a version of advertising. Later, two times in the health care products business, the newspaper is his most important carrier.

"Fairy man World," the director revealed that Shi Yuzhu very value This new product, had personally soldiers "fairy World" and giant flagship game "Journey 2" into the "Gemini" plan. The Giants also have high hopes that it will be able to achieve the company's flagship product "Journey 2" success. "Fairy World" will be launched in the fourth quarter open open-ended test, the "newspaper" behavior is likely to be a large-scale promotion of blowing bugle.

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