Shine a fantastic success.

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According to the Science and Technology blog website AllThingsD reported that wearable equipment start-up company Misfit Wearables (hereinafter referred to as "Misfit") in the B round of financing to raise 15.2 million U.S. dollars, the investment party is Li Ka-shing Deepwater Ventures, Existing shareholders founders Fund, Khosla Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, OATV, Max Levchin and Inctank.

Misfit's Shine Motion tracker can be worn on the wrist or neck, and is waterproof and battery-powered for up to 3-4 months compared to similar products. Shine only supported the iOS platform when it was released in July, adding support for Android this week.

According to Misfit co-founder and CEO Sanny Wu (Sonny Vu), Misfit will not only produce motion tracker. Shine has achieved unexpected success, but Misfit wants to develop more kinds of wearable equipment. In an interview in Tuesday, Sanny Wu challenged the viability of the motion tracker, "The motion tracker will follow in the footsteps of MP3 players and GPS." At present, the functions of these two products have been integrated into the smartphone.

But that does not mean that the current shine is not a best-selling product. Sanny Wu said shine shipments will reach 200,000 units by the end of the year. Shine is only 4 months on sale. Although shine sales lag behind some of the same products, battery life and stylish design will help shine to the end of the competition.

Sanny Wu said that, in addition to the basic "wearable perception", "wearable feedback" (waking the user from sleep, reminding the user of something), wearable and payment technology, wearable control and gaming are also great opportunities, "we want to develop a wearable computing device that users can develop software and services for."

Sanny Wu said Misfit is also developing similar devices that will be released in the next summer or autumn, and "we'll release these products soon".

Misfit raised 7.6 million dollars last April, before turning his attention to moving to track products.

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