Shinfat Technology Medium-term net profit 26.6 million yuan down 41%

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NetEase Finance July 29 news into the Thursday evening released 2010.5 Annual report.  In the first half of 2010, the business profits of 28.128 million yuan, fell 43.62%, the total profit of 29.2837 million yuan, fell 38.55%, the net profit of the listed company shareholders 26.6009 million yuan, down 40.78%; basic earnings per share 0.20 yuan. Shinfat Technology says there are four main reasons for the impact on business performance. First of all, the company's foreign trade in aviation products income year-on-year decline, at the same time by the delivery of product structure and exchange rate changes and other factors, product gross margin significantly decreased. Second, domestic aviation revenue increased significantly, but due to the reporting period of scientific research and trial production investment, high operating costs, operating a phased loss. Third, the increase in income of other products is mainly due to the financial crisis in 2009, the impact of the domestic market demand decline, this year the market warmer, orders increased.  Finally, as the real estate business is drawing to a close, the business receipts in the reporting period declined slightly compared with the same period last year. Related topics: Semi-annual report of 2010 listed Companies
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