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Shop mother visited hundreds of shop dispensers, from the discovery, now more and more shop long began to pay attention to the quality of product pictures, from the previous simple Ctrl CTRL v operation, to the current individual building products studio, learning Professional product photography knowledge, please professional picture processing Tatsu people, this is an effective transformation, It is also a qualitative leap in the process of electronic commerce. Through the chat, shop mother also summed up a few points of consensus, here with you shop long share, hope to progress together.

One, the picture quality is poor = product quality is poor = merchant does not have the trustworthiness

This is the focus, complete a sense of transformation and sublimation, simple to take a digital camera and after careful processing of the picture, both from the inside and outside there are qualitative differences. If you are still the same for the product, the promotion of a large number of expenses, product prices are the same or lower, but my products why only people look, no one to buy or turnover relative to the malaise and worry, shop mother suggested you find your own product picture reasons.

Positioning yourself as a consumer (accessing a customer), open the shop, if you find a favorite product click, Find product Introduction long speech, inadvertently a sentence look, look for pictures may be more intuitive, but also found that the picture is a big red X, or is vague, light dim, angle single, Do you diminish the desire to continue to understand and buy? A product such as, perhaps the other goods in the store is also the case, then I simply go to another look, anyway, the Internet has this product store is not your family.

This is the most common negative phenomenon, most of the online buyers, all hope that through the first intuitive picture browsing to achieve understanding of the product, unless your product price is low enough to understand as a selling point, or please in the quality of the picture under painstaking effort, this is the first image, the first image is not good, that also what Dongdong?

Ignore picture details = Ignore visitors ' time = ignore their own interests

The so-called Visual product introduction refers to the adoption of a brief, concise text, with high-quality pictures for product display, and then there will be another problem, high quality picture volume increase, in the network bandwidth restrictions, blindly pursue the quality of the product will cause the page open slowly or open the wrong, the so-called hope, The greater the disappointment, the customer waiting for a long time to look forward to the content is not normal open, or only half open, then the disappointment I don't want to say that we can understand, and the final operation here is the point of the top right corner of the X button to close the page, so far, you have lost a substitute for the customer.

Where, this paragraph, we want to focus on the details of the picture, of course, do not need to make as a stamp of the general square-inch of the universe, but also do not waste each product picture of the precious space.

Also need to think, first positioning themselves as visitors, I hope this product needs to have a most intuitive understanding, in addition to text information, from the product picture I need the first time to understand what? I am most concerned about the aspects of this product. As a store, my product advantages and selling points in addition to the price, from the picture I will be able to show at the first glance. In the guarantee of the clarity of the picture under the title, and then improve the performance of these details, when users get the information they need quickly and visually, they will greatly improve the trust of your store and your product visitors, even if the visitors do not make the purchase at the first time, but will also make your shop as the choice for future selection of products.

Third, happy experience = happy to order = happy to make money

This should be enough popular, so that visitors happy to come, shuxin purse, satisfied to go, shops happy to make money, so harmonious, happy.

The visitor's experience means that when a visitor browses the website and buys the product, can be very handy to get, find, use the site to provide help and the information they need, rather than confused fans boundless, from the purchase to complete the order process are smooth, then this is a happy online shopping process, It is also a humanistic shopping experience. So to reach this level of experience, from the shop side, it is very difficult, because this involves the Web page production technology and online procurement process familiarity of all aspects, this refers to the experience of the shopping process, this we will focus on another article on the elaboration, and this article only from the picture Show, The current very popular form of expression is applied to video technology, 3D technologies and so on. If your store is unable to achieve this level of performance because of technical, financial and other constraints, then please try to provide a rich, clear, multi-angle, partial amplification of the product picture, coupled with a concise statement, which will allow visitors to recognize your serious and treat customer respect, so as to enhance goodwill and trust degree.

Four, the topic of the experience of the shop, please make the following details

1, please try to provide more types of contact, although QQ, MSN has been popular, but also to consider not use or can not use QQ or MSN users.

2, floating online contact, Copyright Office repeated contact, the establishment of a separate name "contact" or "Contact Us" column, is effective and necessary.

3, the product picture as far as possible using Jpg,gif, PNG, BMP and other formats of the picture in addition to make your product map volume increase, there is no other advantage, unless your product display diagram is dynamic.

4, the use of picture control technology to make the product thumbnail, large, display and any other related pictures will not be due to zoom out and deformation, otherwise it will appear very unprofessional.

5, if you have a limited picture processing technology, limited staff, also do not worry, now provide some online, free image processing functions, make it better than nothing, this will be listed in the appendix below, you can try.

6, do not try to steal other store product pictures, in particular, the image of the watermark, which will greatly reduce the quality of your personality and shop can be sex, but you can give yourself to deal with the image of the watermark, in fact, this can only be to prevent the gentleman, not the villain, unless you are a villain.

Basically is these, very simple, but to be serious, adhere to do down is very difficult, on the one hand, the store's passion for online business and faith, on the other hand, also depends on the owner of the height of personality.

This article by the Shop Mother ( original edition, please observe the industry rules, reprint retains the copyright.

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