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In the face of the increasingly competitive environment, shop survival, shop traffic is my days have been hard to think about the problem, after many search and find, consulted countless online shop predecessors, finally summed up the most complete online shop promotion methods, here and everyone to share together, I hope you top up the post, Give more confused sellers some help!!!

Say not much, the following begins to introduce:

1, SNS Shop Soft Text promotion method: Now SNS type of shop is very popular, go to SNS net shopkeeper if go to a few people gas SNS shop has targeted add hundreds of thousands of users. Then select the appropriate soft text and reasonable links to the Internet store, published to their own log. Let some of your friends share, so that many people are concerned about your article, attention to your shop.

2, SNS Shop API Cooperation Promotion method: If you or the following employees have a certain technical strength, you can develop some and their own shop products related to small plug-ins, inserted into the school, inserted into the domestic. As long as there is an open API SNS shop all go to insert. Now many online shops are doing so, go to school to see which open applications, a lot of small shop to provide, and above all more or less to hang their own shop ads. And the earlier the market to do the better, a lot of SNS online shop is only started to try to develop APIs, audit requirements are not particularly stringent. After doing more online shop, and then want to plug into SNS online shop is difficult.

3, the collection of promotional methods: some wonderful content of the page to add to the QQ bookmark, Baidu search Tibet, Yahoo collection, etc., so like the content of netizens to read, collection.

4, Moderator Alliance Promotion method: This method is suitable for the promotion of the Forum Community Shop. That means first to join some moderator league, like the banner Moderator Alliance is very good, every day to the forum to submit some wonderful content, waiting for the relevant channel to hire, once employed, it will give you a lot of IP. I am the most time is two days to the shop to bring 3W more IP clicks.

5, reply to the top promotion method: In fact, this method I do not know what the name, its limitations are very small, as far as I know, only used in a hodgepodge of mop, for the time being called back to the top bar. This method is I stumbled on, is to see the shop IP antecedents when found, found that the day there are more than 200 IP from mop a post, but I know we did not go there to promote the post, so feel a little strange, go to that post to see, found that someone put our shop a link, and back to the top , so it brought us more than 200 IP. Later I went to and some often in the cat mixed netizen chat, just know can use a kind of call "month Ming character" props to the top reply. Moderator can not delete, as long as the administrator has the right to delete, so under normal circumstances can be sticky for a period of time.

6, award-winning registration promotion law: To increase the number of registered members to do a promotion method. Generally, everyone is by the award-winning registration, or some incentive to register the method to promote, now people are very fine reality, unprofitable things, they will not do. At present, the highest rebate is happy rebate, shopping the highest rebate to 45%!!

7, free Game Promotion law: Free game is in your online shop hang a free game, but is to and the theme of the shop is the same, if there is fun ...

8, QQ Group Promotion method: Use dozens of QQ, each QQ joins dozens of groups, sends the net shop every day. Average, 50 qq* per QQ add 50 groups * Each group of 50 people = 75000 people watch. If QQ more, joined the group more, joined the large group, each group of more people, the publicity effect is better. Even excluding online QQ users, the effect can not be underestimated. To endure humiliation, not afraid of being kicked. The other is in QQ Group is can send group mail, for example, you can put your shop ******.com on the wonderful content in the mail recommended.

9, search engine promotion law: Today's Novice webmaster, the most enthusiastic is this fast method. The function of the search shop is to integrate network resources, to find the most suitable content for Internet users, to the other shop to bring traffic is its unexpected side effects. Many webmaster types of online Shop promotion column, seems to have become SEO zone. SEO The best way, is the Web page code specifications, access speed, content unique and less repetitive, useful for netizens, but also has uniqueness.

10, the Soft article promotion method: Writes the article, or quotes the good article, inside Cleverly joins own website.

11, blog Promotion law: Soft text to have published place. One is sent to the forum, the article station, one is sent to the blog. There's a benefit to blogging that won't be censored.

12, media promotion law: Let the traditional media, newspapers, television, radio and so on.

13, mobile phone promotion method: WAP shop, Mass sms, ring tone tips. Mobile phones are more and more powerful, small and easy to carry, after the number of mobile phone network must exceed the number of computers.

14, the net picks the promotion method: enhances the high quality webpage, the picture, the post to the net picks up the website and the aggregation class shop. If recommended, can also have a lot of traffic.

15, the Forum promotion law: Registers dozens of hundreds of forums, each forum registers dozens of accounts, the signature set for own shop. Post popular content and own your own posts. Pay attention to change the vest, the issue of controversial title content. Good title is the forum to promote success or failure of 100%. This forum refers to the Pan-forum, including the message book, Forum, Bar and so on all netizens may * * * * *.

16, the third pole to promote the law: in the promotion of the shop at the same time, affix their wealth to the third pole number. After the content of each page, plus its own wealth of the third pole number, expand visibility, but also bring additional wealth income.

17, QQ and MSN Nickname Promotion method: The nickname modified as a Web site.

18, mailing list to promote the law: is regularly irregular to send Internet users electronic magazine.

19, non-expected mail promotion method: Use a professional mass mailing tools, online bulk collection of electronic mail address, and then mass. Today, many online shop, have to use e-mail as the user name, therefore, the collection of electronic mail address, more convenient than before, and these emails are live mailboxes, netizens often use the mailbox, rather than the invalid mailbox, the effect is good. Message title to "standard", do not let netizens mistakenly think it is junk mail.

20, Word-of-mouth Promotion method: Do the content well, let the Internet users to actively disseminate your online shop.

21, restricted access to the content promotion method: The content of the shop to give access to the level, set access conditions. To the Netizen a promotion link, netizen only recommend enough visitor or registered member, can access this content. Non-mainstream Color Love Shop More Use this method, the effect is wonderful.

22, shop ranking vote to promote the law: to join other online shop to launch the ranking, or to other stations for shop rankings, can effectively improve the display rate of online shop.

23, the Aggregation link promotion method: Will the outstanding content aggregation together, attracts the netizen.

24, the BT electric furnace wow GA Resources Promotion method: Can in the audio and video files into their own shop, especially in some need certificates to be able to watch the video files, even can pop shop. Some webmaster use this method, with the latest movie release opportunity, release a video file, can get hundreds of thousands of IP, the effect is absolutely first-class.

25, picture water Printing promotion method: To prevent other shop to cite pictures, not only unfriendly no effect, but also blocked the search engine included. In some ways, other online shop is also a special internet users. If you put a watermark on the shop, place the Internet store address, actively let other stations to refer to the picture, improve the site exposure rate, then the publicity effect is very good. Watermark method, including image watermarking method, video watermarking method, Web watermarking method ...

26, Video source Flash promotion method: Today's video shop, provide external access interface. In other shop, log quote these videos at the same time, directly publicize the shop, expanding the influence of the shop.

27, submitted to the Web site to promote the law: Shop navigation station, shop directory station.

28, e-mail automatic response to promote the method: is in the mailbox set up automatic reply, the shop address and shop introduction set to automatically reply content. When you receive any e-mail, the mailbox will automatically return to the past.

29, free one-way link promotion method: Free to other online shop to do links, can enrich their own shop information, and in search of other stations, and may appear their own web results.

30, online Shop Interchange Link Promotion method: This is a few years ago the most popular online shop propaganda method, the existing Exchange chain shop is very rare.

31, Batch submission Exchange link Promotion method: With the automatic submission tool, submitted to other online shop links columns. When the webmaster in audit whether through you stand, for you contributed an IP. The development of human society is due to the improvement of tool automation. To make full use of the Internet to transmit information automation, digitization, bulk advantages, good use of mass propaganda tools, saving manpower repetitive labor.

32, Shop Promotion Alliance promotion law: Single Fight out of heroes, a person's energy time and intelligence is too small, therefore, to learn to borrow external forces. Several stationmaster unite together, reach propaganda consensus. In the promotion of their own shop, incidentally also on the other shop. With the same labor, get more harvest. Recently a more fiery alliance Bai People's Union, the other is for Taobao 39 Baby Alliance, currently supports free users, we seize this rare opportunity.

33, Flow Statistics Promotion method: on all pages of the online shop to place an IFRAME page reference code, in the quoted page on the other shop's statistics, with the program code Control transform statistics ID, when other webmaster view statistics, browse access to the source of time, your online shop appeared. General Webmaster will click to view, this propaganda method effect is very good, belong to the secret, many people know the power of Baidu and Google is from online access to know.

34, Interchange Channel promotion method: and other online shop to exchange channels. is to put the other shop as one of their own channel in the online promotion. In this way, each other, instrumental, powerful.

35. Free Resources Promotion law: to other shops to provide free services, such as free statistics, free evaluation, free weather query code, free blog, free IP query code, free stock query code, free search code, free online customer service system, free message book, free domain name, free space, free PR evaluation, Free E-books, free inquiries, free hanging QQ, free certification, free materials and so on. To let oneself provide the service, become the standard configuration of other shop. Time is long, the flow of natural.

36, the Content alliance promotion method: This method is suitable to have the server resource stationmaster. Provide a platform, you can bind other online store domain name, the shop's head and tail advertising location to other webmaster, attract other online shop to join. Seemingly for other shop to do wedding clothes, is actually in the promotion of their own shop, expanding the popularity and influence of the shop. The largest network traffic is not the search shop, but other online shop. Search shop traffic is big, but on average to each station, also a few dozens of, on their actual significance is not big. Pull to a webmaster, better than to pull thousands of netizens. This approach is long-term and long-lasting.

37, bullying force to promote the law: such as shop **miibeian, the Public Security Bureau, can be forced to put links online. The average person can't use it. However, it can be used in disguise, such as Hacker plus link method.

38, bigger and stronger to promote the law: such as Portal station. Let the small shop to add their own shop link for proud. Although few stations from the portal to get the benefits of stint, but the natural worship of the strong psychology, still let countless webmaster involuntarily dedicated links, and to this for glory. As for the attention and appreciation of others, it is another matter.

39, the Client software plug-in extension method: The technical content of the webmaster can use this method. The development of popular netizens commonly used client software, such as chat software QQ, network game tools, download tools such as Shop thunder, you can pop-up windows, you can directly play online shop home, you can play some activity page. The effect is fantastic.

40, charging resources free promotion law: for example, the long-term provision of software registration code, registration number, serial number, free serial number version of the software, improve the stickiness of the shop. For example, the ghost version of the operating system, feeding several days to visit the hundreds of thousands of IP shop.

41, group Promotion law: Today's web2.0 and other social network shop, have this function. In the group, the message to attract attention.

42, publish the Task Promotion law: in Granville Guest shop publish the task, not only can attract the person who accept the task, and can attract a large number of bystanders. Make full use of this pair of many communication advantages.

43, the issuance of propaganda under the single line of publicity and promotion law: can be published, but also with other traditional enterprises to use their existing channels. For example, with the supermarket cooperation, in the shopping small ticket to print their own shop web site. You can exchange the resources on the shop and the supermarket.

44, the flow of Exchange Alliance to promote the law: to join the Flow Exchange Alliance, the use of professional flow Exchange system platform, direct and other online exchange of traffic, mutual benefit and common development.

45, encourage visitors to promote the law: as to how to impress netizens Word-of-mouth propaganda, according to the content of the shop, flexible arrangements. The general novelty interesting interactive content effect teaches well. For example, test class Ah, rating category Ah, Holiday blessing category Ah, funny class ah, and so on the content of the Web page easily be strongly spread. Think about how your online store can tap into this stuff.

46, Business Card Promotion law: On the Business Card, the Handbook, all their own control of the paper, printed on the Web site, write on the Web site.

47, E-mail Signature Promotion method: In the electronic mailbox settings, set up. Add online Web site and shop introduction. The letter will be automatically added, it will save a lot of their own.

48, online competition promotion law: for example, beauty rating, shop rating and so on various qualifying competitions.

49, pay promotion law: if some methods are free of charge. As long as the price is appropriate, go out one, you can recover two, you may pay to promote. Willing to give up, will not go to run back.

50, division of labor to promote the law: the improvement of social efficiency one is the improvement of tool automation level, the other is the value of work. Their ability is limited, good at integrating external forces, employing others to promote, the professional things to the professional people to do, can achieve a multiplier effect.

51, according to the effect of pay promotion law: If you have the resources to sell, you may wish to be on the network to pay the way to promote, you can get a lot of free flow.

52. Set as homepage and add Collection Promotion method: If you stand on the content is good enough, visitors may be willing to visit your shop for a long time. At this point, to pay more attention to remind netizens Oh.

53, Toilet painting Promotion law: This method of careful use, already have the precedent of outweigh the gains. Deprecated.

54, engage in activities to promote the law: all kinds of offline activities, all kinds of gatherings.

55, Square Effect Promotion method: On the clothes on the Web site, to the place of many people eye-catching. It is best to be in a place where journalists are haunted, and it is easy to produce news effects. Because reporters have nothing to do all day, like such gossip things.

56, Greeting Card Promotion method: When others send greeting cards, it is the way to promote your shop.

57, the event chain reaction to promote the law: speculation. The concrete is to challenge people's psychology to bear the bottom line, exercise people's psychological endurance ability.

58, Questions and Answers shop promotion law: Like in Baidu know, Sina love ask these questions and answers shop, choose some shop key words to answer other people's questions. Or ask yourself a question.

59, Encyclopedia Shop Promotion Law: to the online encyclopedia to add content.

60, RSS Promotion method: There are many RSS-type online shop, you can make their own online shop RSS, submitted to these online shop.

61, Internet Bar Promotion method: If there are some Internet café resources, you can let the owner of Internet cafes to help the Internet café home set as their own online shop.

The above promotion methods, I believe there is always a suitable for you. More articles please pay attention to the Creative group welcome the Exchange

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