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Shopping website to complete the purchase conversion rate, in addition to have a rich and meet consumer demand for the product, for shopping cart design also to do easy operation, clear flow, convenient payment and so on. Shopping cart design good and bad, directly determines the user to buy enthusiasm, for the site conversion rate is of great significance, the webmaster should be paid attention to. Next, let's look at the 7 basic points that should be followed in the shopping cart design.

One, ' Put the cart ' button should be obvious enough

The shopping cart button should be visible to the user at a glance. When the user browses to the product detail page, in the premise of not destroying the balanced appearance of the page, as far as possible with the big button color, if it is white black word, the button with red, yellow and other visual impact is very strong color, so that customers want to buy when there is no need to find shopping cart button, enhance the user's shopping fluency.

Second, at any time into the shopping cart

In addition to the product details on the top of the page, such as product name, model, price next to the ' Shopping cart ' button, at the bottom of the introduction, such as ' similar products recommended ', ' the user who has browsed the product also visited the ' and other areas shown below Put in the shopping cart button, so that users can click on shopping without going back to the top to enhance the user experience.

Third, make shopping cart editable

The shopping cart system should allow users to modify the number of products that have been put into the cart, even color, size, and so on, without having to delete the current product, and then select it again when selecting the finished product list. Reduce user unnecessary duplication of work can greatly shorten the user's purchase time, to avoid the user because of loss of patience and choose to give up the result.

Four, shopping first or log in first

Some shopping website design is lets the user register the login to be able to view the product details first, or is the product price display on the fuss, does not have the login user to see the specific price. This disguise forces the user to sign up for a login that undermines the user experience. If I don't understand your product, why should I take the time to register your website?

V. Allow non-registered members to purchase

Many shopping sites force users to register and then buy products, although this helps the webmaster to conduct data analysis of user behavior, as well as send newsletter to improve user viscosity, enhance the site two times purchase rate. But for those who do not like to disclose personal information, and do not like to spend too much time on the purchase, this may cause users to dislike, give up the purchase. Therefore, the webmaster can be in the link from the shopping cart to the payment page to set up a separate page, so that users choose to be anonymous purchase, or register to buy after the login. Of course, if the webmaster wants users to choose to sign in as much as possible, then should tell the user what is the benefit of this practice? For example, users can query the order number, or receive free promotional information and so on.

Six, ' Shopping cart ' and ' direct purchase ' complement each other

In addition to the shopping cart button, in the website construction process should also set up a ' direct purchase ' button, so that users can skip the shopping cart link directly into the payment page. This is because, not every user will be on the site to buy a special purchase, more times, users only need to buy a product. Therefore, the Direct purchase button is the best choice for such users.

Vii. Show the payment process

In the course of the shopping cart to the payment page, website design should fully consider the payment steps, such as checking the contents of the shopping cart, receiving payment information, logistics selection, payment methods, and so on, each step should be in the form of the process to inform the user of the current steps and the next steps to complete, so that users have full psychological expectations of shopping time, Avoid user anxiety during the purchase process.

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