Should big data go down the altar?

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2013, the big data in China unusually hot, some people think that 2013 is China's big data year, combined with their own learning and understanding, talk about some experience.

the classification and example of large data application

At present, the industry's description of large data is diverse, but in fact, large data applications are mainly divided into two categories: one is through large data to govern the country, which advocated mainly by scholars Shiji as the mainstream, and the other is large data commercial applications, improve business efficiency and value.

Mr. Shiji has written two books, "Big Data" and "the top of the data", and the two books have aroused great repercussions in the domestic political business. But after reading his book, the entire story is about the United States of information Open, the United States to adopt data governance of the country's process and feelings. Combined with his two, as well as my recent "Blue Blood ten Jay" in the case, a brief description of the case of large data governance.

The United States is the best of large data, the earliest application of which is the census, why the census? The main purpose is to allocate the right seats in the Senate, to carry out a national census every 10, and then to distribute the seats in the Senate of the States by proportion, and then gradually expand the census into agriculture, industry, etc.

The United States is a country that is good at solving problems after discovering problems, at the beginning of the Second World War, the front-line combat commanders were unable to control the data on the death and killing of the war, and the logistic supply was mess, so Thornton, one of the ten Blue Blood, took the lead and set up more than 5,000 statistical control offices through the custom training of Harvard Business School, This department is actually a way of using big data, the United States Air Force of various aircraft, spare parts, ammunition and other weapons to carry out statistical analysis, and accurate delivery to the front line, a strong guarantee of the battle of the front line, the deep is accurate analysis of the aircraft's operational performance, concluded that B17 than B19 more suitable for bombing Japan, to provide staff, In fact, they are using the big data that today.

There is also a case is 911 after the incident, the Bush emergency asked the surrounding staff of the World Trade Center how many people go to work, how many people died, the surrounding no one can accurately say, some say more than 13,000, some people say more than 3,000. After 911, the U.S. government has set up an information system that can pinpoint every business address, the distribution of business people, the number of households in each residential building, which later provides a basis for population mobility, and if 911 occurs again, the United States will know how many people are in office in that building. At night which house fires, how many people in the building, the system through the flow of people can also predict the economic health of the operation.

In large data commercial development applications, many companies are currently leading the work, especially Internet companies in the forefront of the industry, such as Google's unmanned cars, Google, Baidu, Taobao and other precision marketing, as well as Wal-Mart diapers and beer story, Taobao forecast the economic crisis ahead of time, Goole forecast the epidemic. These are based on mass data and other inductive statistical analysis results.

second, large data should also go down the altar

Large data concept was noisy very hot, many people feel very mysterious, very advanced, and even experts call on the state level to increase industry investment, can not let large data technology backward, in fact, I think the big data is not so mysterious advanced, it will go down the altar.

I think that the big data is based on the "fossil energy" based on this wave of industrial growth to the peak, the demographic dividend has come to an end, relying on the era of scale to win has gone, other means are difficult to greatly enhance the efficiency of the case, through refinement, precision of the data analysis to do fine to become the inevitable development of the industry.

Anything that develops is an inverted parabola, when the whole global economy, a country, an industry in the outbreak of growth stage, rely on the scale effect can get good earnings, like 20-10 years ago in the telecommunications industry, the development of a user on the 100% gift money, who will mention fine operation, Flow management. Only when the user development meets the ceiling, the competition is extremely intense, everybody only then discovers, the rough type development is not good, needs to operate the benefit, needs the fine refinement.

The current international and domestic economic development of both the State and the peasant and the peasants has met the bottleneck, a large number of overcapacity in all walks of life, by increasing production to obtain economic benefits of the era is gone, so some economists put forward big data.

Large data plainly, that is, the past a large number of data for accurate analysis, inductive statistics, intensive cultivation, he is to change the past that kind of rugged development model, to the refinement of efficiency. So it's not mysterious, it's not high-end, it's just a shift in thinking and acting.

Based on this consideration, the State and its support for the money, it is better to support the policy, can learn the Obama administration, improve the legislation, such as the promulgation of the "Information Disclosure Act" to guide the national machinery, enterprises, individuals to strengthen the sense of refinement, improve the data collection, sharing, open and application of

Three, large data is a meticulous technical live

Based on my analysis above, the big data is the other means are exhausted, and the use of the benefits from the internal technology to live, so large data is really a very difficult technical life.

This is like a student, from 60 points to 90 points is relatively easy to improve, and from 90 points to 100 points is very difficult to live.

And the big data is a from 90 to 100 points of the live, we must think, the current international industry, from 60 points to 90 points of things we all think over, long ago dry.

It's like, auto industry, in fact, burning gasoline to convert heat energy into kinetic energy to let the car run this job, the efficiency of the conversion has been improved to the extreme, no one can find a good way to improve the efficiency of energy conversion 10%, unless the energy innovation, in the matter of gasoline is unlikely. So from the point of view of energy saving, unmanned, intelligent control, reduce the energy loss caused by human reasons, of course, save energy is only an aspect of the purpose of unmanned vehicles.

Four, large data will be applied to all walks of life

Today's society, the national competition is the main economic strength of the competition, so it is difficult to divide the boundaries between the rule of the country and the economic life, and the state is also for the economic services, especially the current domestic environment, I think China's big data may be first used in the commercial field, and then forced to apply to the national governance, in the future, Our daily necessities are inseparable from large data, because when the society resolved the contradictions between productivity and people's needs, the country developed to a certain stage of affluence, people's material and cultural life needs to be greatly satisfied, relying on the population dividend of the rugged mode of development will change, this is the government's proposed industrial transformation, In fact, the way to change is all walks of life do fine, do deep, do fine, so the so-called large data thinking mode will be in our agriculture, industry and business applications.

Agriculture: The country's current food production is completely rugged, pork, onions, ginger plummeted, if the application of large data, these problems will be greatly reduced, the government can be the country, various areas of food demand, consumption, production, circulation set up a database, public access to the Internet, can accurately guide the production, deployment and consumption of various regions. The United States Government has done so long ago, encouraging domestic pig farming has begun to do so, so in recent years pork has not soared as before.

Industry: Now the domestic various industries overproduction, steel, cement and other surplus, genre cabinet is not through the inhibition of capacity, but also through the expansion of application consumption to the rescue. If the application of large data, in fact, the various areas of steel, cement demand, the information will be open to the good guidance of industrial production. The United States is doing the same.

Business: The example of this is more, the most typical is the rise of the electricity quotient of computer city, home appliances chain, traditional shopping malls, supermarkets impact. Now go to the computer city, the depression is just unbelievable. The openness of these business information is in fact beneficial to the Government's planning of the business district, the investment of commercial organizations, the optimal flow and allocation of capital resources.

Five, large data will bring several industries rapid development

The first is the development of IDC industry, currently China's total data is 250PB, and Europe is 4000PB, the United States is 3500PB. And in the future, with the mobile Internet, IoT, car networking, various sensors application, data acquisition and storage processing of the demand space is very large.

The second is to bring the rise of the field of data mining, some people laugh at "Now a server is called Big Data", in fact, this data scale to measure large data is one-sided, the future of large data will be used in all walks of life, such as the National Real estate statistics system may be very large, and the future of personal health monitoring system is small, In the future, everyone will be able to eat and drink their daily sleep data for statistical analysis, real-time monitoring of personal health, this is also a big data ah.

There are a variety of data-related intelligence: such as artificial intelligence, unmanned driving, intelligent city, etc., these things are through data processing, analysis, application to replace the artificial, improve the industry benefits.

six, still heavy road far, and line and cherish

The Obama administration attaches great importance to large data, positioning it as a national strategy, and promoting the application of large data from legislation, policy making, organization matching and industry support.

But our country politics is still "thunder big, Rain", it is gratifying that this government is more enlightened, there are several gratifying events: 1, this year, the general leadership of the seven Standing Committee to visit Zhongguancun, the focus of listening to Robin Li, lei to explain the big data; 2. Mr Wang, the head of industry, has repeatedly referred to large data, Vigorously promote the open government affairs; 3, the Beijing municipal government has begun to open some of the data information, open information to open the precedent.

Of course, the domestic environment is still very imperfect, mainly law, policy and so on is not sound, the civil crisis of trust, leading to information disclosure, sharing, cooperation, the atmosphere is not sound.

Finally use two popular words to make the conclusion: "The future is bright, the road is tortuous," and the line and cherish! ”

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