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In addition to showing that the attractiveness of the product leads to strong popularity, more importantly, a new mobile service product launches its new service with substantial revenue and stable operation. The revenue from mobile games is determined by the number of paying users and ARPU. In general, the higher the retention rate, the lower the ARPU.

According to the summary of the key indicators of the official version of the preliminary version data (that is, the data for formal online operation and promotion), the monthly income of the "partners of the three countries" has already reached 5 million at the basic stage of the promotion of the formal operation yet. The daily income About 160,000. The daily payment ARPU is about 140 yuan, the payment rate of up to 4%, the next day retention rate of 45%.

Whether it is from the game's pay rate or the next day's retention rate, as a hand-held mobile games, this is already a very good data. As the user base of "Three Kingdoms Partners" continues to grow and the game development and update operations continue to evolve, we will break the game life cycle and allow "partners of the Three Kingdoms ARPU and retention rate balance down on the issue, should search is full of sincerity to the player:

Catering to recreational mobile game player, fragmented game habits

1. The new version of the update will control each copy of the level in about 1-3 minutes, allowing players to easily experience competitive fun anytime, anywhere, do not need to waste more time.

2. In the new version adds a new play reincarnation system, the card will be derived from the general strengthening and reincarnation of the two major development modes, an increase of the playability of the game.

3 players in the battle experience can get a lot of booty, there is a chance to capture opponents generals become their own combat effectiveness. Enhance the fun of the game

Use long-lasting game theme to create their own characteristics

The "Three Kingdoms Partner" feature is that while retaining the card gameplay, it also adds a card system to the equipment system. In addition to the traditional training methods, the card can be further enhanced with equipment. This development system and multiplayer gameplay enable differentiation of character growth and player interaction. Increased user viscosity.

Judging from the market reaction, the success of the "Three Kingdoms Partners" undoubtedly combined the above two concepts so as to better solve the retention issue and make profits from it. By taking a small and diverse payment method, the payment points are distributed among multiple system play modes played by the characters, and the players are encouraged to enhance their combat power through copies and ranking generals, etc., which is supplemented by reasonable consumption guidance, thus pulling Revenue growth. Let the players into Q Meng's Three Kingdoms game, fully experience their own hands to create the Three Kingdoms world.

"Three partners" will officially open at 13:00 on the 6th not to delete file fee test, the new version debut, not only increased the new game reincarnation Nirvana rebirth, also opened a new service, "Ikkitousen" , New service activities are also on the line, not only increased the novice gift, players can also participate in "hegemony points" rankings, winning iPad mini and many other luxury.

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