Sichuan telephone users have exceeded 50,000,032-year growth 455 times-fold

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Author: one-FAI communication World Network (CWW) February 3 News, according to the latest statistics show that the province of Sichuan telephone users have broken 50 million, to 50.18 million, of which fixed telephone users 15.51 million households, mobile phone users 34.67 million households, become the Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang, Henan,  After Hebei Province, the 7th and West 1th telephone users in the country exceeded 50 million. It is understood that the beginning of the reform and Opening-up, Sichuan Province, only 110,000 telephone users, in 1994, the total number of Sichuan telephone users broke through 1 million; This record was quickly updated: June 1999 Breakthrough 5 million households, May 2001 breakthrough 10 million; July 2003 break 20 million  March 2005, a breakthrough of 30 million households, September 2007 broke through 40 million households, this January again reached 50.18 million households, 32 years telephone users have increased by 455 times times. At the same time, Sichuan communications industry to continue to push forward the development of the network, expanding the scale of technology, the rapid development of new business, the total number of communications indicators to maintain the West first, not only in the infrastructure industry to take the lead in breaking the "bottleneck", and seize the communications industry reform and development opportunities Vigorously expand the new industries represented by the Internet, vigorously promote the national economy and social informatization, to meet the broader and deeper needs of communication, and actively play the network advantages, technical advantages and business advantages, the use of information technology to transform traditional industries, promote industrial upgrading and regional economic integration, and vigorously promote rural informatization, So that 13,006 no phone call to the administrative village through the telephone, 4,448 townships through the broadband, the administrative village telephone rate increased by 25%, Township broadband reached 94%, effectively changed the Sichuan minority district and remote mountainous communication features, to protect the local economic development and social stability , vigorously promote Chengdu to the Internet international export efficient direct access to special data channel projects, China Mobile wireless music base, China Telecom Western Information Center, China Telecom Sichuan Disaster Preparedness Center, China Telecom Western Data center, such as a large base in Sichuan, covering the west, to serve the country's communications infrastructure projects, Play an important role in the national communication Network.  At the same time, to actively promote the overall level of communication charges, the people from the development of the telecommunications industry has been more and more affordable. Sichuan provincial Communications Administration said that will use the telephone user to break through 50 million as the new starting point, further exert the Communication Foundation, the forerunner, the strategic and the high multiplication function, speeds up the advancement information Communication Industry strategic transformation, vigorously develops the information service industry, promotes the 3G development and the wireless city construction, promotes the triple net integration, Accelerate the implementation of rural informatization, complete the "telephone through village, broadband access" task, at the same time to strengthen the new situation of network and information security management, and constantly create a new situation for the development of communications in the province, for the economic and social stability of the development of Sichuan to make greater contributions.
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