"Silicon Valley Connection" open-hole 3D projection technology is available to replace all-line imaging technology

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In the daily link to the Silicon Valley, the most fresh information! The "Silicon Valley" here refers to the typical and innovative business representatives abroad.

1. There is a picture of the truth: Good touch a computer hacker stolen data


Traditionally, hackers want to steal data on a computer or server, and must first connect to the target system by means of a network cable, a wireless connection, or a U disk. In the famous American drama "Prison Break", once appeared in the situation without contact to steal the data in electronic equipment, but this is the writer's imagination.

University researchers in Israel have recently succeeded in implementing a new technology to "steal data", using only a hand touch computer, that is, can use the computer's small voltage changes, reverse crack to data such as passwords.

2. Thousands of stores in the United States were attacked: leaked transaction data


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said in Friday that more than 1000 U.S. companies are being subjected to a round of information security attacks. The attack was aimed at the store cashier system. The Department of Homeland Security has urged all companies to check for possible malware infections.

UPS said earlier last week that the company's system was infected with Pos malware called "Backoff", which could lead to the disclosure of some 105,000 user trading data from 51 UPS stores from January to August last year.

3. Facebook will launch a star-specific giant Tablet PC


According to Mashable, a technology blogger, Facebook said it would introduce an interactive device called "mentions box" (the box) to make it easier for stars to communicate with fans at an Emmy Awards ceremony on August 25.

It is reported that mentions box was developed by istrategylabs, shaped like a giant slab. It will be first used at the Emmy Awards ceremony, features and Instagram this January at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony on the site of the Instastop video Quiz station, but the same as the automatic ticket machine instastop compared to the mentions box is much smaller, can carry.

4. Iwatch next month to start assembling a large-scale sale of the year is hopeless


There have been rumours that Apple's iwatch should be available during the year. But from the recent revelations, we may not see the much-anticipated smart watch this year. This is supported by a recent report by the Taiwan Economic daily. The report quotes sources as saying Apple's suppliers will not be able to send their manufactured parts to Apple's assembly partners until September. That is to say, iwatch's assembly will not start until September, and it will take months to accumulate enough production-which has not taken into account potential problems that may arise in production.

5. Facebook tested Blu-ray as a storage medium


Facebok is experimenting with Blu-ray as the most rarely used data storage medium. The price of Blu-ray discs is not cheap compared to mechanical hard drives, but cold storage data needs to balance redundancy and longevity, and Blu-ray life is longer than normal hard drives. The Blu-ray discs of Facebok are placed in 12 groups in a Chuck, extracted with a robotic arm when needed, and a rack contains about 10,000 discs that can store 1PB of data. Blu-ray Disc compared to mechanical hard disk has many advantages, the disc is more durable, waterproof and dustproof, better withstand temperature fluctuations, data can be faster rapid recovery, but also easy to transport.

6. Microsoft has been exposed to the U.S. tax code has 93 billion dollars overseas cash


According to foreign media reports, the United States Department of Justice recently released a report showed that Microsoft through the use of "tax havens" to circumvent the U.S. tax regulations should pay about 29 billion U.S. dollars of tax, the amount of cash abroad in more than 92.9 billion U.S. dollars, Apple's similar behavior also has about 138 billion U.S. dollars overseas cash, Cisco has more than $48 billion trillion in foreign cash, and Google has more than 39 billion dollars in cash overseas.

7. Open-hole 3D projection technology is available to replace the full line image technology


3D imaging technology has begun to revive in recent years, but this technology has not yet been able to panorama the real life of Multi-angle. The camera culture team from the MIT Media Lab is developing a new 3D video projection system that allows viewers to see the same object in different perspective without wearing glasses. The research team sees the system as a transition technology between existing 3D technology and true Panorama 3D video.

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