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Absrtact: Mobile data analysis company Flurry last year, released a five-year report on mobile devices, yesterday, flurry the data from January to March this year, compared with the results in the five report, found some new content. First, compared to the same period last year

Flurry, a mobile data analyst, last year released a five-year report on mobile devices, and yesterday flurry a summary of the data from January to March this year, compared to the results in the five report, and found new content.

First, compared to the same period last year, the average time spent on mobile devices by American users rose from 2 hours and 38 minutes a day to 2 hours and 42 minutes, while mobile apps continued to be the main consumer of time, rising from 80% in the same period last year to 86%. Apps have no doubt dominated mobile devices, and browsers are no longer as powerful as PCs to control Internet portals.

At the same time, there is not much change in the type of app, game apps are still leaders, taking up a 38% of the total time, social and messaging applications rose from 24% to 28%, productivity tools rose from 2% to 4%, and entertainment applications kept 8%.

In general, American users have averaged 2.5% per cent more time using mobile devices, while spending on mobile apps has risen by 9.5% per cent.

Meanwhile, in the report, Flurry used a separate category for YouTube and did not put it in the "Entertainment apps" category as it did before, because in the entertainment application category, the time spent on YouTube alone accounted for 50% of the total time spent on entertainment applications.

Flurry also analyzes in the report that, thanks to Instagram and WhatsApp's outstanding performance, for American users, Facebook on the mobile device control of the total user time is very large, This also reflects the rationality of the Zuckerberg takeover Oculus: While Facebook faces many challenges on mobile devices, it is still safe to relax. Therefore, it is more critical to consider the next possible platform in advance.

Meanwhile, while Google and Facebook have a large number of highly popular mobile apps, the entire mobile app market is far from saturated. In fact, all of Google and Facebook's mobile apps add up to only 25% of the total time consumed by the U.S. user. In the past few years, many applications such as Pinterest, Snapchat, WhatsApp (bought by Facebook), Waze (by Google) and so on have also accounted for a considerable proportion. All in all, the mobile app market is far from being controlled by giants and still has huge space to accommodate more new applications.

Finally, Flurry released the user on the mobile device for advertising consumption time, the most shocking report is Google's advertising ratio. And Flurry quoted Emarket's report as predicting that the application of AD (In-app AD) revenues would exceed web advertising in 2017.

In the report, Simon Khalaf approved that apps have been completely successful on mobile devices and that browsers have fallen behind. Unlike the optimism displayed in the five-year report, Khalaf's words are full of regrets about browsers.

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