Simpleframework V3 publishes WEBMVC application framework based on business model

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Simpleframework is based on the intercepting-filter pattern and the MVC2 pattern (which we call: Post processing mode, after-processing pattern), based on the "application that is the component, the component is applied (creator Are components,component can be a creator) "Concept of a Web application-level framework implemented by Java technology.
Its "" "The core value is to provide a declarative way to describe the mechanism of component behavior, which effectively integrates the client's UI view, processing logic, access control strategy, Validation rules, as well as server-side data persistence, distributed caching, business rules, and other integrated applications.

Provides a complete set of Web UI components to simplify and accelerate the build, deployment, and maintenance processes of ajax/rich Web applications (Rich Internet Creator) to reduce Web application development costs, shorten development cycles, and improve application effectiveness.

Latest source code or check out directly from Googlecode



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Note: Simple2 is a discarded version, in principle no longer maintain and update, Simple2 many components, such as: Workflow engine, has not yet been ported to the Simple3 version, so Simple2 only as a technical reference, but you still follow the simple open source agreement.

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