Sina Weibo code of conduct, micro-bo marketing will be hit?

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To maintain the order of the microblog community, to establish an open and transparent mechanism of non-compliance, Sina Weibo on the basis of public consultation with netizens, on May 8, published the "Sina Weibo Community Convention (trial)", and the simultaneous release of the "Community management Provisions (Trial)" and "Community Committee system (trial)". The above rules will be implemented on May 28, when the corresponding product features will be online. Micro-Bo Order, we need to maintain together.

The introduction of this mechanism, micro-BO marketing must be affected, some gray microblogging marketing tools will be limited, I predict that some large fans will be warned or even investigated.

See 18th and 19th:


"6 Yuan 1000 powder" believe that people who play Sina Weibo will encounter, and meet the number of times per day less than 5 times. This is a zombie fan who brushes with machines. A lot of people are very disgusted with this. Indeed, zombie fans are useless, and this fan-brushing approach disrupts the order of Weibo and does need to be done.

Good content is the most important factor to increase the fans and attention, therefore, the quality of content resources is to do a good job of microblogging marketing requirements. Therefore, plagiarism quality content is bound to happen. Some time ago, "laugh more will be pregnant" because of plagiarism was fined to "Ban Yan, the 1-week ban on" handling "was just a few days ago, and Sina Weibo introduced the code as a clear warning to those who quickly increased their followers ' microblog marketing by grey means.

The introduction of the code of Sina Weibo, I believe many people will be implicated. I wrote an article: SMO Weibo marketing You do not know those "fishy" has been mentioned in micro-blog marketing Some "fishy", we can go to see.

In fact, China's social media do not have a long time, SMO was born soon, it is inevitable in the birth of the period to produce some grey methods. Like the chaos of Pangu. However, after a time of refining, I believe that China's social media optimization will become more and more good, like SEO, black hat has gradually faded out of the mainstream. I believe that any truly successful site can not rely on a number of improper methods made, relying on high-quality content, good user experience and the right way to promote. Therefore, the era of content for the king will continue and rapid development.

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