Sina Weibo upgrade SDK: Emphasis card Sina Weibo recently upgraded SDK

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1, Sina Weibo upgrade SDK: Accent Card

Sina Weibo recently upgraded the SDK and emphasized the concept of card. The new SDK only supports the iphone and Android versions, and the ipad is still in the planning stage. In the future, Sina Weibo will also implement card on the mobile and PC-side access simultaneously.

2, micro-letter 5.0 version through the App Store audit will be released in the near future

Recently there have been rumors that the 5.0 version of the micro-letter was blocked by Apple Audit, the release date postponed. In response, the microblog official responded, "The news is purely a rumor." Micro-letter version 5.0 has been approved by the Apple App Store, and will soon meet you. ”

3, Taobao shielded old enemies and allies

1, Taobao shielding Baidu Spider 2, Taobao Limited shopping guide Station 3, Taobao shielding micro-letter

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