Sina Weibo users broken 200 million new version next month public test

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Xinhua News (reporter Wang) yesterday, the reporter learned that Sina recently released two quarterly results show that the number of users of Sina Weibo has recently exceeded 200 million.  In the next few quarters, Sina will continue to invest in Weibo to expand its market share in the microblogging industry, said Cao Chao, chief executive and CEO of Sina. Weibo is now the hottest Internet application. Sina said that from the beginning of May this year to the end of July, Sina Weibo in 3 months, the number of users increased by 60 million, an increase of 42.8%; the average number of tweets issued per day has reached 75 million. Weibo has become the most important product of Sina. According to Chao, the second quarter of this year, Sina Weibo's marketing costs increased by one times year-on-year, research and development costs increased by 85%. According to previous plans, Sina's investment this year will be 100 million dollars higher than last year, mainly for product development, technology upgrading and human resources.  In this respect, Chao said that in the next few quarters, Sina will continue to invest in micro-blogging. "It is expected that in September, the new microblog will begin to be tested." Chao said the new microblog will make a significant difference in the user experience and system architecture. According to reporters, the future of the new micro-blog will increase social function, while opening to developers, enhance its microblogging platform for social relations, to increase the number of newer applications.
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