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From my 20-year-old to do the first station to talk about, grassroots webmaster to find the direction, with the dream of the computer into the network of the tide, no scruples came to this industry pressure, no scruples came to this industry bitterness, remember the first time in May 2008 to apply for free web site space, At that time only know a little bit of HTML to what ASP and other dynamic language, then nothing, also very envious of others have a website friend, is a kind of curiosity, let me take the initiative to understand how to build a station, how to write some simple procedures. by June 9, 2009, my first website was officially online, but very happy, almost a few nights are excited to sleep, was my second day after the college entrance examination, this is my network began, from the virtual space to buy, to the site domain name of the record, and so on, I am not aware of anything. Of course, some of the webmaster Friends of my help, they patiently give me some experience, let me understand a lot of the knowledge of the site, I am also particularly grateful. I'm trying to do a variety of different approaches to network promotion, hard to learn, when other people can play without worry when the holiday, I still stay in the electricity, really very happy, also very surprised, finally realized the first time on the network can earn, the first time to understand that the network is so magical.

I have been adhering to, and has been working hard, I learned a lot of knowledge, but the beginning of my domain name selection is poor, promote no experience, more than half a year my website traffic from the tens of thousands down to thousands of now. It is also the impact of last year's computer room break network. Last year, all of our grassroots webmaster experienced a storm of baptism, the face of the CN domain name does not register, the record of difficulty increases, we this group of lovely webmaster are still there to insist, of course, do not rule out the diverted, for me I want to do the station is a person, and strive to do their own site, You will also experience more happiness and contentment, although for me a cub, but I understand a lot of webmaster bitterness, understand webmaster colleagues helpless, from the beginning to do the alliance ads, to do now Google ads all the way I feel proud and happy, but also understand the kind of helpless, When the site is closed when the mood, when your efforts in vain, when the night tossing and turning, that feeling is worried, is the scars.

Today I built my second website, June 15 is also the online cabinet Shopping Network, I majored in E-commerce, especially in China in the next few years, E-commerce must also become a high development trend, in the Midwest many provinces and cities are not popular, of course, hardware conditions must be upgraded. Ma Yun also said

Internet Business for the king, in the next few years do not grasp this opportunity may regret.

I think a person who loves the Internet and is a professional webmaster, as long as we stick to the end will go very far, will also walk better to do more than half a year I learned a lot of things in this economic depression, whether it is that the industry has also been a little influence, the Internet is no exception, Of course, I believe that only our world's grassroots webmaster can continue to adhere to, do not abandon do not give up has been in the middle of our webmaster is a motto, of course, this is also our efforts to survive to continue the momentum. I believe that the future will be better tomorrow, the Chinese webmaster sector will appear a beautiful rainbow, and finally wish you webmaster Web site better, more and more income. A young webmaster's comments, just to write their feelings to share with them.

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