Sing the dike construction substandard embankment loss 1 billion dam repair costs

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Yesterday, Fuzhou official at a news conference, said the burst on June 21, sing Kai Dike, designed to withstand the 20-year floods, but because of the shortage of funds, many banks have not reached the standard. According to Fuzhou Hydropower survey and Design Institute deputy Dean, senior engineer Tixiao introduced, sing the dike body fill for silty sand, dike foundation for sand and gravel layer, a single structure, large permeability. Because enter the flood season early, has been in the high water level operation, the long time high water level soaks, causes the dike body to be soft. Due to the total length of the 81.8 km, the investment is limited, most of the dike did not meet the 20 years of flood design standards. Asked about the annual cost of repairing the dam, Tixiao said he was not clear. Similarly, Fuzhou, vice mayor of Huang Sairong. Huang said that the Fuzhou Financial Limited, the superior allocation of funds are not much, Fuzhou in spite of the recent years to repair solid sing Kai dike, but still have a lot of work to do.  Huang Sairong revealed that the collapse of the embankment caused a total loss of 1 billion yuan. 24-hour shift to speed up the plugging progress 27th 18:16, with the last car soil and stone into the river, burst 6 days of singing Kai Dike finally closure, restored its complete dike body. The planned 6-day breach was completed 3 days ahead of schedule.  So far, as the largest flood in China since the flood, sung Kai burst has completed the personnel transfer, blocking two stages, into a new stage of post-disaster recovery and reconstruction. June 21 sing the dike after the breach, the width of the gap from 60 meters gradually expanded to 347 meters. The closure Dike project was officially launched in the early hours of 25th. In charge of the construction of the armed police and hydropower two corps of more than 400 troops, all kinds of emergency machinery 325 units (sets), from the beginning of the downstream one-way plugging into the upstream and downstream two-way plugging, 24-hour shift, speeding up the blocking progress.  Finally finished 3 days early to sing the closure of the Kai dike closure. The process of heavy rainfall in the south is basically over. Reporter 27th from the National flood Control and drought Relief Command department learned that at present, China's southern strong rainfall process is basically over, Jiangxi, Hunan and other major rivers have been in full retreat stage, in addition to Jiangxi GanJiang still exceeding the warning level, other major rivers have retreated to  The National Defense General 27th, the decision, since June 27 16 o'clock will flood prevention emergency response from Ⅱ level adjustment for Ⅳ level. According to Xinhua, the Beijing News
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