Sinopec said the price is not in place 5 years policy reduction of 350 billion

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"Sinopec in the ' Eleven-Five ' period, because the price is not in place to reduce the policy of 350 billion yuan."  "In response to the market to China's oil, Sinopec and other state-owned enterprises," both subsidies and price increases, Sinopec said yesterday to the morning paper. Yesterday, the domestic product price rises again. For the oil price hike, the national Development and Reform Commission said that, given China's economic situation and the ability of all parties, the price adjustment is compressed, the oil companies will digest the impact of some of the rise in crude oil prices.  In view of the near Spring festival and other factors, the time for adjustment postponed to February 20.  Sinopec Wang Tao, the director of information services, said yesterday that the oil price increase control of the regulation of time and prices, in accordance with the provisions of the adjustment by the extent of the reduction of the policy is to be borne by the enterprise. "For a long time, foreign oil prices have been rising, in order to prevent the foreign high oil price to bring the huge impact to the domestic, the country has carried on the tight control to the domestic refined oil prices (cracked oil price predicament), the petroleum petrochemical Enterprise in the price is not in place seriously, even the crude oil price hangs upside down situation, still took various measures, positively safeguards the Sinopec ' Eleven-Five ' period, because the price is not in place to reduce the policy of 350 billion yuan. The morning news reporter learned that Sinopec has at least four years to obtain the central subsidy.  According to Sinopec's previous announcements and annual reports, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, Sinopec respectively obtained 9.415 billion yuan, 5 billion yuan, 4.9 billion yuan, 50.3 billion yuan of financial subsidies.  PetroChina, another oil refining giant, also received a subsidy of 16.91 billion yuan in 2008. According to public information, January 12 this year, PetroChina 2011 Working Conference, PetroChina general Manager jiemin External Disclosure, 2010 years of oil to achieve profits of 167.6 billion yuan.
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