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Hello everyone I am Zhang Ke, very honored you can see my article, today want to talk about the construction of the chain outside the chain, to believe that many people are dismissive, is not posting it ... But you have not found this year since the beginning, how many sites outside the chain is continuously increased, and how many sites outside the chain is the number is not moving, or said to fall again, this is not worthy of our good thinking.

First of all, the most outside the chain of channels preferred forum post, or personality signature of this channel use the widest range of business-to-business, classified information website release information, blogs, soft text, links, channel cross links, purchase links in these areas. And many seoer think can be accumulated outside the chain is the forum post personality signature, soft text, blog These plates can be accumulated outside the chain, I would like to analyze these outside the chain channel in the end which can accumulate, which can be given up in due course.

First of all, the Forum personality signature, this outside chain is not cumulative, reason Baidu algorithm changes, a lot of such outside the chain over time, the weight value will be more and more small, to the end of the chain, there are many webmaster in the forum to use the signature, but a day down, back to a lot of posts but the chain can not see or down, My station is the best proof, it is time to change the policy and strategy. If you want to maintain these outside the chain and rankings, you need to send more posts, forming a vicious circle, the more tired.

Business-to-business and classified information, this chain is not cumulative, the information will expire for a period of time, or will be cleaned up, which is also a lot of people have encountered. Soft content I think can be cumulative, such as article submission, I often search a keyword when I often see a few years ago under the article to see the following pictures: This is the 2010 article, such as the external chain is stable can accumulate high-quality outside the chain.

Besides the blog, the outside chain of the blog can also accumulate, but not to the soft Wen, this is also a lot of people to raise blog reason.

In many seoer that links are not cumulative outside the chain of resources, but I would like to say that the resources should be linked to the resource should be accumulated outside the chain of resources, now many people exchange links are looking for a high weight, can change A is a, like to take advantage of such links will not be long, The difference is too big, others will be replaced for you. My advice is to exchange links for potential stocks, perhaps now ranked weight and so on are not very good, after a long period of operation weight promotion, their own site has also been promoted, and friendship link chain of the longer the weight of the higher, the new station on the line generally will not drop your link, because your weight is higher than him, But you have to analyze what is the potential of the unit which requires experience and skills, such as from the logo design station, such as art and so on, can be seen.

Channel Cross link link is also belong to the accumulation of resources, but need you have channels, such as friends in the exchange of webmaster, and so on, cross-linked or suggest to know between people do, because the cross link is not easy to query, some repeatedly under the common links, friends, trust is greater. Well, so much for today, Zhang Ke some experience to share with you, hope to help.

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