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Website has been done for three years, in this three-year process from varying degrees on the site to reduce the weight of dozens of fingers is no way to calculate, but in the experience of the right to drop the author also summed up a lot of experience, today and everyone in the Webmaster network this platform to share with you the author of some of the methods to solve, if there are different views of friends, Welcome to Exchange advice, good not wordy on the text.

First of all, we found that the site has the right to reduce the phenomenon, to fundamentally find the reasons, so that the plan to reduce the right after a series of work, this is the general flow, I would like to sum up some of the common factors leading to the right to drop, and then in the summary solution:

Usually the factor that causes the website to reduce the power is generally divided into the following categories:

1. Modify the title of website title to cause.

2, the website server is not stable enough, often appear not open phenomenon.

3, the content of the site lacks new ideas, repeated content too much.

4, the site internal optimization over, such as the accumulation of keywords, such as the situation caused.

5, the overall relevance of the site is poor, not enough around the theme of the site.

6, the site because of the excessive revision caused.

7, the site internal dead chain more.

8, outside the chain a large number of lost, not stable.

9, the site was, for example, the former Dedecms site was hung Trojan and so on.

10, the site user experience is too bad.

Believe that a lot of webmaster to see the summary of the right to reduce the time will always sigh there is a piece or a few of you are now encountering the trouble, then how quickly to restore the weight of our site it? The author here is not suspense, next with you bring methods:

The first step: targeted analysis of their own site to reduce the right factors.

This is often done SEO optimization webmaster is familiar with, because we all know that in addition to the search engine algorithm changes in our site is the right to be down is a factor, so we must be prepared to find out this reason, so as to achieve the right solution. Generally speaking, the first thing we need to do is the internal inspection of the website, see whether the site is normal jump, whether there is a dead chain, or be linked to the links, and so on, of course, these we see the premise is that we can guarantee the quality of the site content, if your site is collecting station then the reason for the right to be down is too obvious. When we examine ourselves and do not find out why, we need to see if our outer chain is normal and if there is a loss. Through this internal and external inspection to speculate on our site down the right reasons, and thus targeted resolution.

Step two: Regularly update our website content.

For search engines, each update is often a regular, one weeks a small update, one months a big update. So we also have to learn the attitude of Baidu to our website to develop a plan, there are regular updates, so not only very good for spiders to collect, and published articles can reach the release of the second after the effect of the right to drop the site is more critical. Of course, we update is not to say that there is a regular, we must be able to guarantee the quality of the site content under the premise of as much as possible to update the content, so that spiders more crawl more included, so it is easier to let our website back to the favor.

The third step: to create an internal chain of web sites, so that spiders crawl more.

In addition to our regular updating of the site content, we also need to do a good job in the site's internal chain, so that the weight of our site through the spider to carry out, but also better let spiders visit our site between the pages. In general, in addition to the links on our site's fixed pages, mainly in the content of the keyword anchor text to carry out, such optimization techniques in the site is the most prevalent, more prominent cases such as Baidu Encyclopedia, Search encyclopedia and so on, these internal chain network are extremely powerful, the weight is needless to say. So we do the internal Chain Network Task Force site Weight Recovery is also very helpful, of course, this is a persistent work.

Fourth step: Please friend chain friends do not delete the link, to avoid the second drop right.

Usually our site down the right, will find many sites will be the first time to clean up your site, lest their site is implicated, however, it will cause our website to drop the right phenomenon two times, so we found that the site was down right after the one to timely notice friend chain friends do not delete links, And give them the reasons for your fall, say your recovery plan, so that others may not remove your link, of course, this is also the need for you and these friends to deal with the relationship between the chain.

Fifth step: The regular increase of the outside chain, more from the outside to introduce spiders.

In addition to the above internal and friend chain work, we also need to do is the chain, as the saying goes good "internal excellent external" is the fundamental SEO is also the core of optimization, the weight is also easy to restore the site is so. But in this fall right period when we do outside the chain is also like a new station, to regularity, not from too much, mainly uniform, increasing, ensure that we release the chain is quality, do not blindly pursue those unrealistic quantity. This is very important, as far as the outside chain method, the author is more respected blog, forum posts, questions and answers platform, and other forms, the effect is good.

Written in the last words: In fact, the site to reduce the right to restore, is not a difficult thing, as long as we adhere to do a good job of the above and some of the details of the site's optimization work, accumulating, in addition to our site before its own weight then we want to restore the weight of the site is only a matter of time Although do not know how much time is, but the process of recovery is also our learning summary process. So also hope that webmaster in the face of the site down the right time not to abandon themselves, must be sorted out the mentality of starting again. This article by the game name Net Http:// original share, hope you reprint friend, remember to retain the link and copyright, here to thank you. All right, I'll share it with you today, we'll see you next time.

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