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Site attacks and horse-hanging is one of the reasons for the disappearance of the site rankings, but also the most common reason. Recently, the server is always attacked caused the site was hanging horse, the site rankings also disappeared. Notice is not down, is directly from the home page fell to 100 after. Here to share with you about the reasons for the horse, solutions and precautions.

The reason why the website was hanged horse

There are two reasons for the Web site being hanged:

1. The server was compromised and was attacked.

2. The website program has the flaw to be attacked.

A server can have hundreds or even thousands of sites, so the probability of a server problem is far less than the site. Most of the sites are hanging horse is the site program defects caused by the server on any one of the Web site program problems can cause all the sites on the server are attacked. Not only that, from the search engine rankings, if a server on any site by K, then the server on all sites will be implicated ... (Advice: If you have the determination to make the site bigger, select a standalone server). Although the probability of a server problem is very small, but also will be problematic, after all, the problem is not the probability of the boss. In the purchase of space to choose the more well-known authority of the service provider is more secure, do not cheap. Website flaw, the security of backstage account password is important. If the webmaster does not have security awareness or covet short easy to remember, the account password set is too simple, for example, some CMS system default account and password is 123456, such as the password even I such a rookie can crack, not to mention the specialized destruction of the experts. In addition to the background account password there is an important factor: Web site program vulnerabilities. In recent years, a variety of powerful web site management systems emerge, such as Dedecms, the Imperial CMS, greatly saving the time and cost of the site, resulting in a large number of Web sites flooded with this website management system to make. The so-called catches, the more powerful and widely used system is easier to become the object of study. This type of Web site, once there is a loophole, may result in widespread attack on the horse.

Web site is hanging the horse solution:

1. Delete the black chain: Most of the sites are used by the CMS system to do, delete the black chain should be careful to delete the template, otherwise the site claims static, black chain will still appear.

2. Modify the background account password: In general, the account and password as long as there is a more complex on the line, of course, can also be modified. Set recommendation: Do not use pure numbers and letters, the letter case + number + special symbol is the safest.

3. If it is a CMS system to do the site, to adhere to the first time to update the background program, can be the greatest degree of protection of the site will not be attacked by the site vulnerabilities.

4. Security Alliance Webmaster Platform detection: Web site platform detection is very authoritative, and is linked to the horse site by Baidu or other search engines labeled as "risk" site must be here to solve the seal.

5. Contact with the space service provider, delete trojan file completely, prevent to be repeatedly attacked.

If it is a VPS or stand-alone server, it is necessary to find their own Trojan paper. Look at the picture:

This file is I deal with the VPS hanging horse process found in the Trojan file source, Trojan paper has many kinds, this is just one of them. Trojan File identification method: Generally speaking, Trojan files will be placed in a relatively shallow directory, but also more easily found. 1. See extension. Trojan files are generally scripting language such as asp,php, if your site is written in PHP language, the site directory in addition to the extension php,html.htm.txt and other files, there should be no other file types exist. If it exists, it could be a Trojan horse. 2. See name: As shown above, the name of the website Trojan file is more special, understand a little programming people basically can see. 3. Exclusion: If you can't tell the Trojan file, you can also use the most stupid method to eliminate the law. I have said above, Trojan files will generally be placed in the directory relatively shallow path, find it relatively easy. The carpet-seeking method works well for beginners. Specific approach: from the site root directory in turn with Notepad open rom extension asp.php.html and TXT file, the text appears in the "Hanging Horse", "Detection", "command" and other words can be immediately judged as a Trojan file. As shown in


Whether the site hangs Horse detection: The site is hung horse Most of the case from the surface is not visible, must use Notepad to open the page source file to see, as shown:


Ranking Recovery method:

After solving the Trojan problem, the matter is not finished, the focus begins. So far, I have not summed up how many times the horse will be punished or k ... However, the loss of rank caused by the hanging horse can be recovered in a short time. Recovery method: Complaints Baidu snapshot. Before the complaint, to confirm the Baidu snapshot of the source code contains the black chain. In general, Baidu's search box to enter their own web site, in search results can be seen. Confirm the search results in the first page of the description of the presence of black chain information, if not, click on Baidu Snapshots and open source code to see if the information contains black chain (above the black chain is just an example, some black chain will appear in other forms). If the black chain exists, you can complain about Baidu snapshots, generally in 24 hours will have results. After a successful complaint, the ranking can be restored.

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