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A, the site is k refers to what?

The site has reached the state of normal collection because of cheating or other reasons, such as Baidu search engine suddenly deleted all pages or left only the home page.

Small range of K (in general only 1 factors)

Performance: The home page is missing, or only the home page is left

Large k is also called hair pulling (in general there are n many factors)

Performance: Nothing, so called hair.

Second, which causes by K

1. Website Space problem

The first thing to say is that the virtual space that is the least important to spend dozens of dollars on a private virtual agent is done, and then buy a domain name, install an open source program, in fact, most of the new station by K Space has a great relationship, and this factor you can not find, Space is generally k we can self-examination this several factors:

The first is not your rented virtual space and you have the same industry site, and even the same brand site so this in the search engine seems very likely to you as a station group, a permanent k off is very normal, This is why every time when Baidu K Station Studio site how always k is so accurate all the sites to be K.

The second with you in the same IP site is not too much, and there are sensitive sites, this generally will not happen if the occurrence of the note after this penny do not buy a better one, people with a little less.

Third, your server provider is not always a problem, change IP, downtime gesanchaiwu not open, Baidu spider on the internet is disorderly to climb the possibility that you shut the flash space can not open, causing spiders crawl failed to leave your site, the next crawl he will delay the cycle, so there will be many such as snapshots backwards, Snapshots are not updated, articles are not included, and so on.

2, did not do the whole station 301. 301 Redirect, is what I do not say everyone Baidu can know, under normal circumstances do not do 301 of the site is not K, but this only exists in no optimization traces of the site. Then we seoer do the website did not do 301 why will be K, because does not do 301 he is actually 2 completely mirrors the website, does not have 3W and with 3W One is the top-level domain name, one is the level two domain name, then appears this situation as we optimize one of the other also inherits his part weight, Spiders crawl when found 2 of the content of the site is not necessarily included, will k drop one, and your another general you also did not how to optimize also cannot get rank so do not do 301 harm is huge, at the same time have a detail, in Do 301 of Time Section page also article page also want to do, For example This site, then you open any column article page will adjust to belt 3W This is the weight 301.

3, frequent change of title and revision

Do not know when to do SEO have a habit, others say you set the title of the symbol is not good-looking, said the title set does not meet the demand, said your title is not standard, said your title is too short, said your title is too long, and then we change ah, make AH make ah, good 2-3 times down the rankings are no longer see, Frequent modification of the title is one of the biggest killers of SEO, the title is like a person's name changed after n years you people call you when you will not be accustomed to, so we do not change the title, the ancients said good station not more surname, do not rename, title once frequent changes will not be very likely to restore the basic, Generally we suggest that the site 1 years to replace the title is better, but if your site in the design of the title on the mess, then indeed there may be like the book written by Gao, so that your flow over 20 times times.

4, home optimization excessive (generally he is small k reason)

Optimization over there's nothing to say, we have to compare each of you have, I give you a few: keyword density stack, alt text Repeat, a picture of multiple ATL text, article column has a number of fixed links back to the home page, the home has a large number of back to the chain, title keyword too much, the article inserted unnatural inner chain, Friendship chain took many, outside the chain anchor text are the same, misuse of H tag, quickly increase the chain.

5, a large number of collection of worthless content

Collection is a big problem, we publish the article must think about a problem you send the article can solve the user's problem, even if only part of the user's problem, do a good job of original, pseudo original position do gain and added value, such as my article site dead link Check tool ha_xenu1.3.6 In fact, there are a lot of similar use on the Internet, but may be less graphics and text, indicating that I think some of the basis of the relatively poor needs of friends so that you are in response to this part of the user needs is resolved successfully.

6, manual or mass ineffective outside the chain, will cause the site is K

Outside the chain now mass mass why will cause by K? That is because a lot of garbage mass, the first no time to analyze the platform, the second your article is sure to repeat, the survival cycle of the chain will be shortened, repeat the site search engine in the first time is not found, Then put into the index library after the discovery of a large number of articles on the Internet will be deleted to you, then your site's voting weight will drop to the site by K.

7, buy Links

Buy and sell links are the focus of the search engine hit the object, which is a destructive algorithm behavior, Baidu's green Luo Google Penguins for their launch, buy links actually do not belong to black hat, he is a kind of gray cap technique, do good can let you quickly ranked, do not good talent two empty, exchange friend chain he should be for the purpose of friendship, Then the friendship also needs the money to maintain, therefore everybody buys the friend chain the time to pay attention to the method: You like to change a position, others all buys you do not buy, the specialized sale place does not go to wait

8. Sensitive website

The business of betting, ecstasy, guns, one-night stands, can this industry not be k, no matter how he did it, and no matter how long, these things are not to touch, do not be a black to do up on the others as a big God, PR hijacking, weight wash white, hanging hidden links, Trojan intrusion these you know? Actually, you know, it's just that.

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