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The rapid development of the Internet has brought a lot of convenience to our life, we can not go out to buy the goods they want, enjoy the services they want, completely free from the geographical restrictions, so that we can enjoy the service at any time and anytime, for example, is the online booking tickets, As long as they do a simple operation on the computer, you can buy the corresponding train tickets, no longer like before to run to the railway station or consignment point queuing to buy tickets, to our travel has brought great convenience.

Of course, the Internet brings us not only daily convenience, on the economic level is also greatly promote the development of the economy, the rise of the internet has brought great business opportunities for our businesses, many enterprises have their own web site, or online shops, we only need to publish their own products or services on their own website information , it will be seen by people all over the country and around the world, they can communicate through the online communication platform, which facilitates the transaction, which is convenient for both consumers and merchants.

As a business, the network platform is more and more fire will certainly attract more and more businesses to carry out network marketing, competition will become more and more, now, no matter what the industry, do more and more network marketing people, to find more customers, bring more turnover, can not be separated from good site promotion optimization method, Many industry giants are not afraid of the high cost of a series of promotional work, the purpose is to let more netizens see their products and services.

Of course, more enterprises because of various reasons unwilling to spend money to do promotion, they attract users of the method is to do site optimization, natural ranking, that is, we often say that SEO optimization, this method is also our most common way to promote, do the people are very many, the competition is big, To achieve the marketing effect through the natural rankings depends on the Seoer technology, today, know a lot of SEO, do the optimization method in the major forum bar can also be seen everywhere, SEO is no mystery things, for doing SEO method I do not say more, we all know, Today I would like to talk about the main and you want to do a good job of optimizing the site requirements?

Believe that a lot of business owners do not focus to build their own Internet team, the so-called network marketing is to do a Web site, and then recruit a few seoer to manage their own sites, do rankings, that is to say Seoer does not do the site or this site is not a person who understand SEO do, So we do the site may not be in accordance with the requirements of optimization to do, this will give us the future of the optimization work to bring a lot of unnecessary trouble, then what kind of site is in line with the optimization can promote ranking it! First of all, the site of the three major labels set the site Titele, keywords, description of the writing I believe that everyone is not unfamiliar, this is as a seoer must understand things, we find network companies do site many programmers do not notice this piece of things, not to the site to set these three labels, You can imagine that the site does not have title, description and keyword tags will be a kind of situation, for this site, we do not say the site keyword ranking, first search engine even the site which words are the key needs of the rankings do not know, how can the weight of the site will be assigned to the keyword we want it! Of course, I believe that the three-word SEO friends should be aware of the site after the key to check the three major labels.

Secondly, the internal optimization of the site internal optimization can allow us to optimize the work of the latter part of the immediate results, the latter is often able to play a multiplier effect, vice versa will have the effect of less effort, then how to do is a good site optimization it! This requires some skills that we need to master when doing a website. , the first is the site's directory settings, not too deep, no more than four levels of directory, followed by the use of H tags in the site, do not easily use H1 tags, the last is the location of the site navigation, links between the pages of the problem, these are in-station optimization can not be overlooked some of the content, need to be cautious, of course, Dead links in the Web site are also not allowed.

Finally, the website user experience aspect related content We look for the network company to do the website the biggest advantage is they can design the website to be very beautiful, according to the customer request the website completes, however this often also is we do the optimization the big malpractice, The reason is that many network companies will choose to use a large number of large pictures and JS to achieve beautiful results, this will lead us to browse the site because the content is too large and slow loading speed, the site is slow to open, this is the impact of the site user experience a great killer, many users will be slow to load the site and leave the site, So even if your site is more beautiful and what is the use of it! There is no one to see, so we lose is not just a user, more important is the search engine more and more emphasis on the site user experience, no good user experience, the site to want to have a good ranking will be very difficult, Of course, want to be beautiful and open the site can also be achieved by faster, this requires us to do the site when enough intentions, in the site user experience there is a little more important is the setting of the site column to clear, so that users can easily know what they want the product and content out of which column, Easily find what you want.

Anyway, I think that to do a good job of website optimization, intentions are the most important, as long as we are careful enough, not afraid of web site no traffic, product sales. (This article by Special Vehicle Original, reprint please specify, infringement must investigate)

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