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Some time ago not how to manage the site has been Baidu K too, have done a long time ago Baidu promotion, because the company's technology, services, prices are satisfied customers, through Baidu received a lot of orders, but also a certain number of repeat customers, of course, at the same time feel the investment in Baidu too large, and the reliance on Baidu is very strong. In order to get rid of this attachment, the company began to do the promotion side began to optimize the site. Perhaps there is no optimization experience, the site a large number of collection of articles, a large number of released a lot of outside the chain and so on. Look at the site's ranking began to slowly come up. On the suspension of Baidu promotion. Unexpectedly not long, the site was down the right, the site rankings into 100. I am anxious at the same time, is also constantly looking for solutions. Online to find information, ask to do optimization friends, now Baidu began to slowly collect my site. At the same time, I would like to share my experience and hope to help friends who have similar experiences.

There is a saying is very good, if you still love Ta (refers to Baidu), care about TA, to impress ta with sincerity. My specific approach is: first find out the reason for the site is K. Then the right remedy, timely correction.

First of all, stopped copying other people's articles, released a large number of junk outside the chain, such as Baidu task cheating behavior. Removed some information ads that are not in tune with the content of the site. Maintain the cleanliness and cleanliness of the site, adhere to update the website article every day, even if it is false or original, and to A5 published some soft text. Especially through the form of soft wen, I found the effect is very obvious, because will be reproduced.

Second, check their site whether there are excessive optimization of the signs, the keyword is piled too much, the chain is too much? If some software tests do have this suspicion, I begin to undo this part of the excessive optimization. Canceled the article intentionally inserts the keyword and the link behavior, but simply updates some high quality article, the wait-and-wait to change.

In order to improve the conversion rate of the site, the site has made some changes, the site interface, the framework of the homepage have done many times, in order to improve the ranking of the site, the site label also changed. If you and I also have the same behavior, from this change from the site will be fixed, do not make any changes, you can take the site as a new site to start afresh, to the search engine. and to carry out daily high-quality content updates and external chain release, waiting for Baidu to be reproduced. At the same time also let the technical staff check whether the site hangs horses and procedures whether there are loopholes, such as loopholes, hurriedly to the programmer to repair.

In the background of the site I see spiders almost every one hours to patronize my website. Finally said: So I suggest you keep the site update, but also in some large sites or forums to send some high-quality soft text, increase the site outside the chain, to attract spiders crawling. Second, optimize the internal and external structure of your site. Reasonable optimization, abide by the principles of Baidu included. Again, looking for more links. Since the site was K, the previous link estimate has ceased to exist. Others have not been linked to your friendship. So clear some links that don't exist. Try to exchange some good websites for links.

Website optimization is the most important thing is to have a good mentality, follow the Baidu (search engine) optimization principles, while paying more attention to Baidu's ranking algorithm. Remember not to follow the trend, blindly around Baidu, this is like popular, only lose their style. Caught in the trap of vanity. A step-by-step down-to-earth operation of their own website, I believe the rankings will not be very bad.

This article from the Shenzhen website Design square-dimensional network original, A5 starting, reproduced please keep the source!

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