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For many of the webmaster who have some optimization experience, the biggest problem for them is not the search engine is not included, but the site in the search engine rankings instability. In fact, the recent author also often in A5, stragglers and other webmaster forum found that there are many webmaster often put forward such a problem, that is, after SEO optimization, yesterday also ranked in the Search Engine homepage site, why the next day can not find, or fell to the position of the back up. In fact, this is what we often call the instability of the ranking of websites. So, in our website optimization process, how to ensure the stability of the site rankings, or to avoid the ranking instability?

We all know that the impact of site optimization seo factors have many, the most common is the server, site structure, site content, as well as the site outside the chain and so on. So, here I want to communicate with you, is about if we want the site in search engines to obtain a stable ranking, we exactly how to ensure that the impact of the site optimization seo factors in a stable state. So how do we get a stable ranking in search engines? The author believes that the main consideration should be given to the following aspects.

One: the website must ensure that there is a stable and high speed server

Website server in the site optimization status, I believe we are very clear. As far as I am concerned, the stability of the server is more important than the speed! Of course, this is important, not to say that the site as long as it is kept at a very slow speed on the open. In general, the ping value of the site should remain within 100ms, and the ping value abroad should remain within 250ms. Here, maybe someone will ask, that is, the domestic service access speed, why not domestic?

In fact, there are many webmaster friends in the use of foreign space, the main reason is also very simple, one: the foreign space does not have to record (this is really no way, we all know, now domestic record procedures than the previous two years more trouble, time-consuming also long); Need to build a harmonious society.

In fact, the stability of the server for the importance of Web site optimization, self-evident. The network on this aspect of the article is also very numerous, here I will not repeat.

Second: The website must have the stable website structure

Here, the author talks about the stability of the structure of the site, does not mean that we are in the site optimization, can not modify the site. It is said that we try to do, do not make extensive changes to the site work, but also do not frequent the site for revision. These practices, for the site rankings are very unfavorable!

In addition, the title of the site, keywords and descriptions are the same. We try not to change the content frequently. If we often change words, not only the ranking of the site will drop, and can even appear on the home page is k out of the situation! Especially for the title of the website. Therefore, the site, especially some new stations in the search engine submitted to the time, must be in advance collars site title and structure one-time design, as far as possible do not make frequent changes after submission!

In fact, many webmaster will have a very bad habit, that is, the Web site in the server directly to change the source code, this change to change, in fact, this is a very bad thing, we had better be a one-time change to upload!

Third: The website must have the stable website content

As we all know, there is a word in the Website optimization field, that is "content is king". In fact, the content of the website mentioned here means that we should try to keep a stable website content update frequency! Here you may first think of the original article or False original article. Now Xu site are like original articles, write articles regularly every day, or false original, is not to reprint articles! In fact, I personally think, we update the starting point of the site should be for the user's use, not search engines. Therefore, if we can every day for the reader to present the original article is the best, if you really can not do this operation, and occasionally a very good article is also a very good choice. Of course, we should insist on eliminating mass duplication or using some tool software to create meaningless spam articles.

In addition, here is another thing to say about the frequency of site content updates. We must be clear that the content of the site does not have to send a lot every day, but we must ensure that we can press this frequency, has been adhered to. If three days of fishing fishing, it will certainly not achieve very good results.

Four: The site should have a stable and continuous external chain

In the front, we have talked about the server, the structure of the site, and the content of the site three factors. Finally, I want to share with you, is the site's external chain factors. For Web site optimization, the site's outside the chain situation, can be said to affect its ranking the biggest factor. For the site outside the chain, in fact, compared to the skills, compared to the resources! Of course, here I do not mean how to acquire the skills of the chain, but how to obtain a stable outside the chain. For example, if we have been using a public blog to raise a site, a few articles a day, and then add anchor text links, and one day the administrator to turn off your blog, then there is no doubt you will lose a lot of outside the chain. In fact, this is a major reason for the instability of the chain!

So we said that the site to obtain a stable and sustainable outside the chain, its most important premise is that we can make our website links can always appear in the network. Here, I share with you a personal thought very good outside the chain method, that is to keep the independent site!

We can add links to our main web site through these standalone websites. At the same time, because the deletion of these links in our own hands, so do not worry because the link is truncated, resulting in the link instability. However, overall, if the site wants to get a stable ranking, stable seo factors are essential!

In fact, for the site optimization seoer, if our site in the process of optimization, there are often a wide range of changes in the situation. So, first of all we have to look for a factor in the end, resulting in the site ranking instability. Previously, I have seen many times on the internet, many webmasters are in the rankings of the site a large range of fluctuations, claiming to be due to changes in Baidu algorithm, in fact, we can think about it, the Web site there are so many, Baidu algorithm adjustment how may only affect you a person's website? or that sentence, Find the root cause, the specimen and cure, so believe that our website will certainly get a stable ranking.

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