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Outside the chain, everyone is doing outside the chain. Professional SEO personnel know that the site outside the link is the website PR and ranking weight of the important you factor, particularly high-quality outside the chain. So many people have racked their brains to find outside the chain, but often are disappointed to return. So how to do a good job outside the station link?

One: To join the station group, that is, to develop a station group strategy; This SEO people often use, you sometimes search will find the first few company names are the same, and these sites are linked to each other, then this is the group station. Do group station actually no technical content, plainly is old with new, but relative to friendship link this is not by se like, so we should try to do the following: 1, hidden Station Group, 2, station group see Don't cross link; 3, content to be different, do original.

Second: Friendship links, most of the links are the same level of the site exchange, but since the link is called friendship is inevitable. Friendship is the following: 1, find a friend to do the site to help your friends chain, if it is the best in the industry, such as Mouchangqing's girlfriend HQ Little woman; 2, Q Group strategy, to join the relevant groups, in which you can be more high-profile on more high-profile, think of what to talk about, and then meet these bored of the webmaster, began to pull friends chain, This I suggest to find a student to do, because the student does the website besides interest, most is for the future to seek a way out, they all want to meet some outside friends, so they are very easy to call outside the chain; 3, the widest approach, but also I think the least way to the major sites to release friends of the chain exchange information, but personally feel the effect is poor, If the old station is another kind of landscape.

Three: one-way link; everyone looks at the estimated dizzy, how new station someone is willing for your single chain, Bo Hundred excellent here to provide you with a method, you go to find some links self-help platform, this is a good single chain.

Four: NET pick, DIG, forum Signature: This is the most popular outside the chain means, however, this is more tired, the monthly thin weight loss network for you to introduce a few can be signed and with the chain of blogs and forums; monthly thin weight Loss network also suggest you go to SEO-related forums to see more, such as SEOWHY,A5, stragglers, etc. Monthly thin weight Loss network found that now the forum signature can also be sold.

Five: soft wen; the effect of the soft text is good. But this test your writing level, your article should have new ideas, news information is a good idea, there is heat to spread; write the soft text is to the major blog, the forum began forwarding, to the spirit of a principle: others do not hair, their hair! But never use mass software.

VI: Link bait; What temptation is stronger than the two of free these free tools, free QQ Liang; Of course, this is inevitable hype is it, go to the major forum gossip area gossip to go; also don't forget the knowledge question and answer, Baidu know, Tianya, Soso ask, Yahoo Knowledge Hall go to ask oneself a answer, personal suggestion, the first answer does not take a chain, Then make a two-time edit plus your link.

Seven: purchase links; in fact, there is nothing to talk about, do stand all know; but I still have some suggestions: since you bought, there is no professional authority point, the chain of high-quality, but also phased to buy, do not take a breath to get a Baiba.

The above is my near paragraph study finishing and oneself do outside the chain some experience summary. Reprint please famous source, this article is the monthly thin weight Loss net Original: Http://

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