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Absrtact: For the current internet, SEO optimization can be said to have been in-depth to a variety of industry-specific sites, it is more and more popular, and SEO optimization is also really true to our site rankings bring a certain advantage. So if you want to do a website right now,

For the current Internet, SEO optimization can be said to have been in-depth to a variety of industry-specific sites, it is more and more popular, and SEO optimization is also really true to our site rankings bring a certain advantage. So if you want to do a good job of a website now you have to learn how to master the SEO methods and skills, so for beginners how to learn how to master it? Today, I share with the novice webmaster six points the most basic SEO optimization, I hope the novice webmaster Help.

(a) static, pseudo static website.

Believe that do SEO optimization webmaster are aware, a dynamic site for the search engine is very unfriendly, not like spiders crawling crawl, especially a flash site, spiders simply can not identify the content of the site to express. So we do the site as far as possible to the site static or pseudo static, which will be very friendly to search engine spiders.

(b) Optimize the website keywords.

We usually optimize the keywords are generally mainly for our title keyword to carry out some tags to highlight keywords, such as bold and H1, H2 tags and so on. There is to write a good description of the site keyword, so that spiders can describe what your site wants to express. For picture optimization, we all know that spiders are not able to identify, so we only in the image of the ALT attribute to add keywords so that the spider clear picture of what is displayed.

(iii) Optimization of website navigation.

Each site has its own navigation, the user through the navigation to carry on the more detailed column quickly to find oneself wants to understand the content, the same spider also crawls through the column to the content page, therefore we do in the navigation optimization time must avoid the picture, the Flash form to do the navigation. As for the navigation, the general can be in accordance with the webmaster want to give column weight of the high and low order to the right side can be arranged.

(iv) Optimization of website content.

Our site has a lot of content to update every day, but we publish content is not blindly to publish, we have to ensure the quality of content under the premise of better and more reasonable to optimize the content, from the title to the content of the layout of the anchor text to the direction of a series of work, Because the content and presentation of each industry is different, so the author is not an example. If you do not know your site how to do reasonable content optimization, you can refer to the same industry more excellent site to follow.

(v) Auxiliary optimization of the outer chain.

In addition to doing a good job of the site itself a series of optimization, outside the chain is also an essential content. Because through the chain spiders can often crawl into our site, in order to import some weight, after a long accumulation, then our site weight naturally will be relatively high, ranking is good, but we do not use some of the chain of mass software, garbage forum for the release, then the outside chain not only poor quality, and easy to lose. So we do outside the chain also need to master a good method.

(vi) Server-assisted optimization.

There are a lot of people who might wonder why servers are optimized for Web sites, in fact, the author is very attentively to the server this is also added to the optimization of one of the most basic but indispensable auxiliary optimization ranks, because if our server speed is too slow, first of all, the user experience is not good, the impact of the site's IP, Also affect the webmaster benefits. And also is not conducive to spider crawling, if the spider in your site when you can not open the site, so that your site is not good impression, if the number of words may directly lead to K-Station pull hair, the right to drop a series of conditions.

Just like the author's site before is because the server is always open caused by the right to drop, now the author to this site for a fast server and adhere to the optimization and work outside the chain, now the ranking is also beginning to recover gradually, so I appeal to you want to do a good site webmaster in doing the station must give their own site to choose a better server, lest Cause some unnecessary effects later. This article by QQ Artistic conception Xuan Stationmaster original, welcome reprint, Reprint please indicate the source, respect original! All right, share here today, see you next time!

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