Six key factors for website success

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& ">nbsp; Because they have already built a station this plan, so also saw a lot of others built the station. Personal a bit to build a station experience, feel to increase the amount of website visit and the impression of the visitor to recruit loyal visitors somewhat effect. It may be a bit old-fashioned, but the absolute word comes from the bottom of my heart.

First, should say is the most important is the content of the website.

See other people wrote a lot of related articles, most of them mentioned this.

Personal build station, expensive in specialized, if not specialized, even if he found a very good content in this, because did not find the theme of the website, the next time encounters the related question still does not think this station. Other don't say, look at those stationmaster station, Blueidea. example, I think most people will think of them first when they encounter problems. Content is important!

Second, the frequency of updates.

A return visit shows that he wants to see something new (except for individual stations), which is like eating, if every meal is the same, I think everyone will be annoyed. Over time, will also lose interest in the station. In fact, as long as visitors to most of the situation when visiting a new feeling, learned something, feel the webmaster is in the heart can be. Of course not to find a bunch of things like this or repeat the content.

Third, the structure of the website.

The structure is clear and viewers will soon find what they want, which gives them a good impression. In the initial planning of the station, the navigation webmaster should work hard.

Four, the website style and the color collocation.

Some stations, although the content is good, but the viewer is not like, sometimes because of the style of the site. Color matching, the width of various edge bars should be carefully considered. This requires the designer to have a certain aesthetic. For example, like Dede, although the kernel is very good, functional good, but also open source, but a lot of people just frown on his background of pure green.

V. Search optimization.

In fact, appropriate speculation is also essential.

Just like in the entertainment circle, the more fried the more red, mixed face cooked, a little something after everyone think of you.

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