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Shenzhen Evening News reporter Liu Kunya after the rumors of the death of this June, Jin Yong in the early December on the microblog again "died." From this incident, it is not difficult to see that the network rumors of the power of endless, and even suggested that the network should be regulated to prevent similar incidents occurred again.  In this report, more than 80% of respondents objected to the regulation of Internet transmission, more than 60% of respondents said, "online rumors" is not scary, because the network itself has the function of the rumor. Five into the respondents only normal website message "The News of the death of Jin Yong began to spread on the network, I was skeptical, and then I believe that Jin Yong really ' dead ', is found that many netizens reprinted is a very influential magazine official Weibo. "The Netizen" "The Fortune Pledge" the message said.  Many netizens have similar experiences in this matter, in answer to the question "When you hear about Jin Yong's death, do you have any questions about the authenticity of the information", 54.33% of respondents said there was no doubt that 45.67% of the respondents expressed doubts, because the news on Weibo is true or false. "Generally I still have the news of the regular portal website to believe, the message of micro-blog I as fun pastime, true or false to have a regular website after the implementation of the decision." A message from an anonymous netizen said that his message represented a lot of netizens ' views.  In our survey, 55.86% of respondents said that the news of the formal portal, 36.93% of respondents said that the Internet news is not believed, only the formal news media, only less than 10% of the respondents said, smoke, the online message most of the credibility. Six into the respondents that the network itself can be the rumor of the investigation issue, many readers call to express their views, most people believe that the network itself has the function of the rumor. "Take Jin Yong died this false news, although online spread quickly, but less than a day, micro-blog on the start of the rumor, and then the truth, I do not think such rumors how terrible, if it is necessary to monitor the network, is a bit unworthy of the feeling." Miss Zhang said excitedly on the phone. 63.95% of respondents said that "online rumors" is not scary, "rumors stop the Wise, the same in the network."  "The Netizen" Red 123 "such message. "I'm afraid very few people will not forward the message, but if you know it's a rumor, more people will come out and correct it," he said. "Net Friend" final victory message said.  In the survey, more than 60% of the respondents said that when the message was not to distinguish between true and false, 32.86% of respondents said that if they feel like rumors will not actively spread. In response to the question of "How to effectively curb the spread of such rumors", 74.13% of the respondents said that it is difficult to completely curb the emergence of such information, can only improve their ability to distinguish, less than 10% of the respondents believe that the network should be a real-name system, standardize the network environment.
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