Six Security Risks and Solutions to Enterprise Mobile Office

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Six Security Risks and Solutions to Enterprise Mobile Office. With the advent of the mobile computing era, the words such as home office, off-site office and telecommuting have gradually become various forms of "mobile office". It is an indisputable trend that information data and computing terminals go out of the enterprise's security border. Today's travelers always have to bring their tablets or smartphones with them, and BYOD is becoming more and more popular with their own devices, and information security issues are also emerging more and more.

Information security issues are very important both for the traditional office and the mobile office. In the traditional office scenario, enterprise data always flows within the controllable range because of the single device, clear data boundary and clear usage environment. However, With the rapid development of mobile technology, the carrier of enterprise data has been transferred from traditional PCs and laptops to smart mobile devices and mobile applications. These new devices and applications not only bring about new office situations , But also the unlimited extension of the enterprise data security management boundary, has long been far from the internal control environment. In view of this situation, at this stage, only a very small number of enterprises have deployed relatively complete security solutions for mobile offices. The security issue facing the mobile office is more complex than the traditional office equipment types and data operating environment.

Traditional offices can rely on technical means to solve most of the "man-made" problems, which is equivalent to curbing the security risks of most "people." However, it is very difficult for mobile offices to evade "man-made" risks through technical means, such as personal habits of using mobile devices The risk of information leakage, the loss of equipment due to human factors, etc. These are all aspects of traditional security that can not be defended.

Six Security Risks and Solutions to Enterprise Mobile Office

Mobile office faces six security risks

1, mobile devices are volatile, which has revealed the hidden dangers of corporate data

Mobile devices are easily lost because of their portability, 70 million mobile phones lost each year, of which 60% of mobile phones contain sensitive information, and mobile devices stored in the corporate sensitive data and therefore face the risk of disclosure. Not only does device loss mean leakage of sensitive business information, but lost devices can also become a springboard for hackers to attack corporate networks.

2, employees take the initiative to leak, to the enterprise data loss caused by the loss

According to the survey, although 85% of the enterprises took confidentiality measures, 23% of the enterprises still leaked the leaks. The major ways of the employees' leaks are not only taking photos but also storing them in the mobile phones and releasing them, Information, to sell information.

3, the fragmentation of the mobile operating system is serious, unified management inconvenience

Android devices have more than 20,000 different models, employees bring a variety of devices, how to ensure the consistency of strategy implementation, how to manage a variety of devices on a unified platform is another challenge for enterprises.

4, the application of uneven quality, applications worrying about market safety

According to 360 statistics, 78% of well-known applications are pirated, third-party applications and forums are still the main way to spread malicious programs (61%), and the most unsafe applications in a small application market account for as much as 20.2 malware %, The safety of the application market is worrying.

5, the rapid growth of the number and type of mobile viruses, mobile devices to become a springboard to penetrate the corporate network

Today, as the mobile Internet becomes more and more popular, attackers have begun to turn their attention from the PC to mobile devices. Meanwhile, due to root abuse and new hacking techniques, mobile devices have become a new hotbed for breaching security risks and can easily become a stepping stone to hacking into the intranet.

6, public-private data mix, personal privacy is difficult to be protected

The same mobile terminal devices have both personal applications, and enterprise data and applications, personal applications can freely access, access to enterprise data, enterprise applications also touch personal data. How to clearly distinguish and isolate the enterprise / private data and applications on the mobile terminal, prohibit the enterprise data from being illegally uploaded, shared and leaked by the personal application while forbidding the enterprise application to access the personal data and respecting the private data on the mobile terminal is an unavoidable problem.

Mobile security risk protection

For this type of security risk we mainly consider the protection of two aspects: equipment and applications. Based on the modern electronic computing infrastructure, general computing terminals are simply divided into hardware, operating system, application software and data files from the bottom to the bottom. Traditional computing terminals such as PCs and servers are typical examples. However, in the field of mobile terminals, due to technical and commercial factors, hardware devices and systems, application software and data files form a formal tight coupling. For example, Manage the data on it and realize controllability. In fact, it is a carrier of data storage and operation - uniform security management and protection of equipment and applications.

At the device level, it is mainly to strengthen the management control over the mobile devices themselves. The anti-virus ability of the mobile terminal solves the threat of the virus and thus divulges the enterprise data. The management strategy of the device solves the problem of enterprise data leakage caused by the lost or stolen mobile terminal, the encryption of the channel data and the equipment access strategy to solve the problem that the mobile terminal Become a channel of invasion of corporate networks, data tracking and auditing of equipment operation behavior audit to solve the malicious malicious leaks. Public-private data separation and sandboxing technology solve the personal security of employees and the balance of work and personal life: the work data and personal data are completely isolated, the personal area can not access the work area data, and the work area can not access the personal area Data and applications, to ensure the privacy of personal data and corporate data security. Finally, real-time collection of device hardware information provides enterprise IT managers with effective asset management data and information.

At the application level, through the establishment of enterprise applications store, to achieve a unified, secure and controlled mobile application delivery channels and means, on the one hand to ensure that the internal applications in the distribution process of integrity and security, on the other hand also increased The effectiveness of enterprise software app delivery. From the application itself, through the application of software encryption, packers protection, not only can make the application away from malicious app cracking, decompilation, re-packaging, memory capture and other common threats; the same time, you can also give app Provide additional security protection, such as: data encryption, signature verification, anti-memory modification, integrity verification, application security testing. Through the application of the depth of encryption processing, program text information encryption, can effectively prevent the application is decompiled and malicious tampering and protection applications are not secondary packaging, data protection is not protected by hackers. Give the application the strongest protection.

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