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Fellow Seoer colleagues, in the face of Baidu's algorithm is constantly adjusted, we will also be happy or sad. When the search engine every time the adjustment of our hearts are beating, this is our station, The process of optimization is based on Baidu and other search engines as a standard. We want to change this behavior will be based on the user experience as the standard to do the site and optimize the site.

1. Code Standardization

Don't have the extra code, the wrong code. Like JS code can save the province, if you can not save the words will be packaged and then called. Like JS code easy to interfere with spiders crawl, Save it if you can. Do not try to be unconventional in writing and structure. Meet the standards of the international standard. Baidu publishes code standardization at the end of 2010 one of the points is that the code as much as possible in lowercase, do not write a mixed case.

2. Structural standardization

The structure of the site is best flattened, do a good bread night path, so that users know where they have entered the site, but also to find the path back. You can also ensure that each page can have a path to reach. At the same time the relevant search site to do a good job, the most relevant information between the chain, Ensure that users find what they are most interested in. At the same time ico, 404 pages, Robots, sitemap, 301 to determine the unique home page, etc. these are a perfect site must be an indispensable part.

3. Symbol standardization

A website best punctuation is unified. If the English site is all using half-width symbols, if the Chinese site is unified use of full-width characters. It is easy to judge the system error because of the unification.

4. Frame humanization

The architecture of the site allows users to enter the site the first time to find what they want. Let users have a sense of dependency on the site, humanized design can enhance the user experience. In favor of users, but also conducive to the evaluation of search engines.

5. Code humanization

The code here is to pay attention to the use of H1 H2 H3 tags, the theme of the site with H1 tag, a page with only one H1 tag. An important picture with an ALT tag to let the search engine know what's here, This picture is not a supplement to the article. A link should have a title tag to tell someone what the page is pointing to, and so on.

6. humanized Content

The relevance of the content of each other linked up, while the inner chain to do a good job of some special nouns to give and explain, as much as possible to enrich the content of the article, diversity. Want to tell the user the content to be as prominent as possible and so on.

Our site is not only to look at the search engines, search engines have no role to see, are generally to the user to see, the user experience to do a good job to the site, and then to optimize to assist, this can be more effective to the site to do a good job to achieve their desired purpose.

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