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Mu Yifan case: What kind of person is suitable for starting a business? First of all, it needs to define the expectations of what the word "entrepreneurship" implies. If the "great success" of the kind of entrepreneurship, that essentially answer this question close to fortune-telling, without him, the greater the success of the need for opportunities and luck.  The answer to this question is too simple if you are "self-employed and a small boss"-as long as you are willing to act. It is obvious that we have no intention to draw the above two or near-fatalistic conclusions.  We will "entrepreneurial" limited in the typical "by virtue of wisdom and ability to venture, VC investment, and constantly rapid development, and finally create a successful enterprise" such a category. Solution: Director general of Northern Aurora Jiang Hao Day we all understand that entrepreneurship needs a good team, this matter by cruel is not.  So, some of the following summaries are for the CEO's role, and if you don't have or have flaws, it doesn't matter, as long as your team has strong enough characters to make up for it. Restless. If you want to start a business, analyze your personality for any restless genes. In fact, this is not necessarily the dominant "thorn head" performance, and more is the bones of the not admit defeat, to seek the gene for progress.  It may not appear at the usual time, even if you don't realize it, but it is probably the most important factor in determining your choice when you are faced with a major challenge in your life. Have ideals. Is the restless point equal to the ideal? Or。 Restless, may lead you to become a self-employed, small boss just. But having ideals is a necessary condition for a "successful and influential" career. These examples are too many, Ma Yun, Ren, Liu and other people's mental process has long been written many times, suggest you see more. Here, I would also like to point out that ideals usually mean creating value for society and customers, or even promoting the development of the industry, which is not contradictory to making money.  A normal entrepreneurial team should also have the ideal of creating wealth (for themselves), which must be encouraged. Passionate. This is important. Entrepreneurship is actually a lifestyle choice. Moving from a migrant to starting a business means that your life will change dramatically, giving you a dramatic impact on your family life patterns, time allocations, relationships and so on, and you may soon experience difficulties and pressures that you cannot imagine.  In this situation, if there is not enough passion, no positive attitude, it is difficult to stick to it. Executive power. Many entrepreneurs ignore this, or overestimate themselves (and their team) at this point. Unfortunately, half has ideals, pursuit, and passion, very hard team, because the implementation is not strong and failure, or become mediocre. What do you mean, executive power? Many entrepreneurs have ambitious goals and X-year plans, so let's think about it: if you have an ambition, three or five years later, how to do it, that's the common sense of the development of things, the fourth year you should do how to? Third year? Second year? Next? Year?  And how to achieve milestones. Diligence and concentration. Entrepreneurship is a very challenging thing to think that the world's intelligence is in fact the same, to win a chip, diligence and focus is essential. Relatively speaking, more diligent people can do, especially Chinese entrepreneurs, benefiting from the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, if diligent, it is in the global scope can lead. I've always admired the CEOs of some of the companies we invest in, often spending time in the middle of the night doing work-related things. However, in the focus of this, often some smart people do not.  The so-called focus, meaning that the energy should not be dispersed, should focus on your career as the key to the people and things, the outside world even if it is wonderful, but not worthy of your distraction, can not be distracted. Ability to learn quickly. Many entrepreneurs know that there is a "death curve" in enterprise development, that is, in the beginning, not to reach the break-even point, the company's cash decline in a trajectory. This is an extremely dangerous period of time, very important. Financial charts are realistic and objective, easy to understand and accepted. By contrast, it is easy to overlook the "learning curve" of the enterprise. The learning curve is behind the turbulent of the market and the fierce competition between enterprises.  Businesses and teams that are able to pay a small price to keep up fast are often easy winners. Management capabilities. This is a decision to start your business can do 100 million or 1 billion or even tens of billions of ability. In general, if you have not previously been in charge of managing a product line in a large company, or a department's profit and loss statement, you will run into your own management skills at a time when the enterprise is rapidly developing to a stage. It is easy for enterprises at this time to appear management confusion, unclear strategy, performance management imbalance, the increase of cultural murmur and so on.  If as an entrepreneur you realize that you have a problem with this, it is recommended that you have a COO in the team, or at some point find someone who can replace your CEO position. Leadership. To tell you the truth, what I want to say is my mind. Some are first-rate entrepreneurs in other ways, and the final short board is here. For example, some entrepreneurs are too dogmatic, listen to other people's opinions, leading to the loss of the brothers who lay down the jiangshan gradually; For example, some entrepreneurs are too focused on control, not very good personnel, always build a strong team, their limitations limit the development of enterprises but unaware; for example, some entrepreneurs are selfish, It's always the team that hangs on your mouth, but often you think about yourself ... Entrepreneurs need to remember the bridge to the bridge, road return, business is business. Leadership and management, the ultimate goal, are to improve the efficiency of the enterprise. Avoid oneself become the bottleneck and resistance of enterprise efficiency.
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