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Now the network promotion method and means are various, network media fragmentation trend more obvious and differentiation, such as microblogging, forum, classification information, and so on, each of the different network platforms have their own network of people, take the classification information network, with its release information convenient, rapid and simple by netizens love. At the same time, we also believe that the effective use of good classification network publishing information, is the Enterprise website SEO, search engine marketing effective complement and improve.

As we all know, now the enterprise to do SEO is a common behavior, after all, search engine marketing is the current enterprise product marketing Core means, its network marketing effect is also more obvious, has been a large number of enterprises to invest in human and financial resources. However, SEO is not likely to have a lot of customers need keywords are search engine site homepage, after all, site optimization of the core keywords are restricted, generally 3-5 suitable, more difficult to control the effect. Then other and market customers have links, but also by the user search for the use of keywords how to do it? This is the use of classified information network release information to supplement, today's classified information site by the search engine to give the information weight ranking is very high, after all, Baidu is also to improve the results of the home page some non-web information to occupy, Compression of other independent sites on the home page position rankings, which prompted more companies to choose to do bidding rankings.

Since the classified information site can get good search engine rankings, you may wish to use its favorable side, more published some web site SEO can not achieve the keyword, such as each product brand has what "ten brand xxx" keywords, can be published in the classified information site related information, layout good content and keywords, If it is ingenious and effective, your message is likely to be ranked first in the search results, the author of a previous release of a classification of information, key words in the main layout in the region plus business services, did not expect to later search "Henan xxxx", the information unexpectedly ranked the second search results, the effect is very obvious.

In a word, the network promotion way although various, but in the actual network marketing process, we still want to classify, use a variety of network platform advantage characteristics, better comprehensive utilization, play the comprehensive value of different platform, make it better service in enterprise Network Marketing promotion, improve the coverage of product promotion, Many ways to establish the corporate brand effect. This article is hundred Strong Network promotion company ( original, reprint please indicate the source and link!

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