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Many novice webmaster for how to increase search engines, enhance the Web site traffic and distressed unceasingly, we all strive to optimize their own website, to the major update of the site posted, although this is useful, but the effect is very poor, and also at any time to be listed as 17828.html "> Spam advertising and ban, Seal number, even the danger of IP! Everyone will think, there is a quick and efficient way to promote their own website! As soon as the online spiral shell site Long, I told you my own personal practice-through the hair net pick, every day as long as 10 minutes, bring the flow effect than you before you like everywhere spamming post propaganda, better on dozens of times times !

As we all know, the more pages that are indexed by search engines, the greater the probability of being searched and accessed! In addition to optimizing their own websites, posting everywhere, the net pick is definitely the most effective way. To my own management of the notebook Web site for example, just on line 2 months, the first one months daily average IP100 around, Baidu only included 500 pages, Google is less than 1000, for this has been very distressed. I also strive to optimize the SEO, has not been greatly improved. But then accidentally in the grass-roots webmaster read an article on the introduction of net-pick promotion, the next day began on some well-known websites, such as Renren, Sina pick, and so on, the following one months, Baidu included Volute network has nearly 4,000 pages, Google also 5,000 pages, Sogou has been fast 2w pages, The number of visits is now around 3k, which has benefited from net picks.  Now to share with you the experience of the net-picking promotion. Step one: Find the hot articles of the day and optimize the title.

This can be on the Baidu Cloud list, watching this week's hot spots. For example, last week's choke pepper, a lot of people look at her blog, like to listen to her music, you can put her related articles sorted out. We are to choke the small pepper song names sorted out, easy to download!

For the title optimization, according to the content of the article, with the help of SEO keyword tools, sorted out the top 10 keywords, we must pay attention to the same words do not appear 3 times!

The second step in the article content to insert 3, 4 and your site related keywords, and add the site link. This can increase the external chain of the site! Generally do not add a website link at the end, this effect is very poor, and it is easy to be advertised. Preferably in the middle of the article, without leaving traces to join the hyperlink. Generally can borrow statistical methods, such as I often said, according to the Spiral Case network statistics, the purchase and use of notebook most of the brand is Dell. You can change the Spiral case network to your own website. Similarly, I also often the Volute site's keywords: spiral case Network--Your side of the notebook experts, [notebook quote notebook computer Review evaluation, notebook forum, notebook forum driver download, computer Professional Shopping guide answer on the Spiral case network! Scrambled order, then put the composition in the content of the article, which can increase the chain, At the same time can increase Google in a keyword aspect ranking!

The third step, looking for a few relatively good sites, recommend everyone to pick, every day net pick, Sina pick, QQ bookmark. These several nets collect relatively fast. Copy the URL just copied to the net pick, remember to fill in the summary!

All the work done, about 10-20 minutes a day, in fact, the time is very short, the effect is very good. In particular, can quickly improve the stability of the flow! There is also an important point is to adhere to, no matter what, all need a certain amount of time to accumulate, I believe that you use the net after the promotion, will certainly achieve a small profit!

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