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Slkbuild is a scripting package that greatly simplifies the process of adding slackware and derivative kits through makepkg from arch. It resolves an slkbuild metafile that is easy to create, and creates a regular build script such as the Slackware wrapper standard and can run on its own. The advantage of Slkbuild is that it ensures the uniformity of the package and allows editing of a simple metafile event that may require customization or may need to be updated to a new version of the script. This also makes the build process much faster, because it needs to download the source code, unpack. Gzip Compressed man and info pages, peel binaries, ensure graphical application menu item standards, and other things.

Slkbuild 0.8.6 This version to add to understand the pressure RAR source file support.

Download Address:

source:slkbuild-0.8.6.tar.gz Slackware package:slkbuild-0.8.6-noarch-1gv.tgz
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