Smack, why do you choose?

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Smack, why do you choose?

Many times, I Taobao or shopping is not necessarily to buy things, maybe just feel the atmosphere of shopping, see the latest fashion trends, even to withstand a more lethal way of promotion ... In this process, I always have a problem in my mind throughout the whole: the promotion, smack discount, why should I choose you?

Visible, to sell goods obviously need to stimulate their needs! For example, millet with high cost performance to attract eyeballs, with order to answer the reason for high price.

We like to taste Hunan food, but the last bowl of the rest must be chili! In that case, do we not have to put so much chili? Obviously not, because Hunan food really stimulates our taste buds is chili. Pepper itself is not a dish, but some vegetables do not have chili pepper does not taste, a bit like the protagonist can not be separated from the impulse to eat, whether to eat, will not eat, chili is also a determinant factor!

Therefore, to do sales need to "chili" as bait, choose the most suitable chili dishes, in order to stimulate the consumer's desire to buy!

Say your chili how spicy, how scarce, the actual consumer has not to choose before not care about, and even disgust this kind of placement of the boast advertising, the concept of real stimulation is the key to individuality, fun, in short, "have feelings."

Like little Lori, Dick Silk, Gaofu This kind of network language into the Coca-Cola product packaging, liquor brand Jiang small white personalized to catch up with the elements of youth, fruit brand Orange, only in the packaging above with some inspirational, fun, entertainment, easy to play "inspirational card" "Young card."

In terms of marketing effectiveness, these practices essentially subvert product attributes!

Change Order: First and later

For new things, most people are skeptical until they try to experience them. Just like a child does not eat, even if you prepared the most delicious food, he would not like to eat, the key is that he did not experience the taste of food, so the first bite must be forced to feed him to eat. After the first bite, you don't have to worry, I guarantee your baby taste the first sentence is: and!

Consumers face the new product is also this mentality, who is not willing to pay for their first time. As a business, want to push products out of the way is to help consumers the first time to pay!

We take 0 yuan to buy a machine activity for example, buys a lollipop 1 dollars, anyone can bear, also will not hesitate, but you take 50 dollars to pay the bill, you have to see what is done, even if we all know smart phones are very cool, but to consumers quickly out of thousands of dollars or even thousands of yuan to buy a mobile phone will hesitate, It is better to help consumers pay, first to you, the money after the matter slowly, which changed the original purchase order.

For example, oat rice propaganda: from the altitude of more than 1000 meters of Inner Mongolia, rich in a large number of scarce nutritional value, the use of the domestic first patented shelling technology ... This kind of appeal basically has not attracted the consumer, because this age, educates the consumer is the most difficult matter, unless your "education" is better to play.

Oats need to have a breakthrough in the form of innovation, from the taste, art, effects and other aspects of the display of product forms.

For example: My most famous 10 kinds of fashion snacks! Why do Europeans have white skin? 20 of the most popular slimming beauty recipes in winter ... To introduce the main content of popular dessert snacks, will be made of oats into a variety of leisure food, European-style desserts, etc., even with the establishment of leisure food houses or supply features snack/restaurant/food/leisure Club channel forms, as well as to make similar Kraft food to the national business Super March! Obviously this sort of change seems to be a simple form of change, but it is actually a change in marketing overall!

Value change: High and low

The poor always say the price is too high, the rich always say the grade is too low!

When discounts are used to, which day you do not discount will not sell, how to do? Buy the form of discounts on such a show, so you can still discount, just tell you in addition to this special day, we actually do not discount! The form of discounts has changed, so group buying has become a period of not discounted labor income!

The first time give someone 100 yuan he will appreciate you, the second time to others 50 yuan he will think how less, the third time may become 20 yuan, he will say you stingy, this is human nature!

Marketing needs to grasp human nature.

There is a wine self-service sales terminals need to attract investment, the boss told us to join 100,000 yuan to join the fee can get a self-service terminal and 80 bottles of red wine, the value itself is 100,000 yuan, and you can earn the price of wine, earn self-help purchase the body of advertising fees, sell more and sales back point, in addition, The company will understand the stock of each self-service machine and be responsible for replenishment ... If it were you, would you like to buy one?

Such a policy, can hardly pick up anything cheap. This mode of operation, if not discounted, I am afraid there is not much attraction!

Then if the same is the value of 100,000 items, I do not just send you red wine, send you self-service, in fact, to you is a first-line city high-end community in the permanent shop! One-time investment, permanent profit! The gap between the highs and lows is quite obvious and I believe many entrepreneurs will be interested. After all, in the big city don't say shop, buy a house can not afford Ah!

In fact, this design is the self-service machine in the form of shops in high-end housing, so, with some ancillary conditions become more easily accepted.

Stimulating consumption in a form is not equal to a certain consumption, but at least it provides a more reasonable reason for the acceptance of the brand.

Change quantity: More and less

High-end products in other words is a small number of people to enjoy, less is the value, through the creation of scarce products to build brand value image, and then low production strategy to achieve profitability!

LV, Hermes are valuable luxury goods, but the streets are selling LV, Hermès, you will still feel high-end? This is the relationship between more and less!

Many high-end liquors often encounter similar problems: The brand's products are everywhere, such as the Raimout of Maotai town, originally is the quality is very good wine, who knows that overnight all the wineries are selling Lai Mao, from Maotai town to take out any bottle of wine almost all the same origin, the same raw materials, the same environment, the same process ... These homogeneous selling point of bombing, so that those who specialize in products to attract people want to vomit.

To the quality or origin of these most basic "good wine" features to highlight the high-end atmosphere, can only explain the streets of Raimout snake a nest, who can not be divided who is really high-end, who is false high-end.

Why not tell a story about a brother, a love story, a struggle story, etc? This little is a rarity.

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