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Now network news recently, ready to buy a house Zhang Jong in North Road residential district next to the intermediary turned, he found before he ignored the real estate intermediary, suddenly attentive a lot.  Moreover, a number of real estate intermediary company said to him, if he really has the intention of buying houses, they can not only offer price concessions to sellers, even intermediary fees can be discounted.  And the reporter learned that the continued downturn in the transaction, so that the survival and development of Jiangcheng real estate intermediary is severely tested, large intermediary or send small gifts to attract popularity, the face of strong pressure, some of the minor intermediary to endure, buy a house commission 70 percent, 80 percent is the normal, and some intermediary is put forward 50 percent, 60 percent discount.  Small intermediary Select Commission Discount reporter recently visited some intermediary to understand, because the whole real estate market unusually deserted, especially second-hand housing market, see more buy less, nearly two months a lot of intermediaries are 0 transactions, in order to survive, in order to preserve capital, many small intermediary infighting to play a discount war. "Now as long as people look at the house, we will seize the opportunity to do everything possible to promote sales."  North China Road A housing intermediary boss bluntly. And Xudong a second-hand housing broker Liulei told reporters, now they are preferential, can discount, guests will see more, talk more, otherwise, customers will choose to continue watching. "We have a few big intermediaries next to them, we can not be stiff compared to them, only secretly hope that the way the Commission discount can attract customers."  "Large intermediary to expand their business through the difficulties for small intermediaries have" discount sales, 21st century, easy, Huamingda and other Wuhan brand intermediary, but invariably claimed that they do not take this way to promote. "We will not consider promoting sales in this way, because this kind of commission promotion, once shot, will be difficult to recover, and we have to consider the operation of the company as a whole."  "Wuhan, a brand intermediary related officials said. "At the moment we have opened up a lot of products in the field of loans and it's a way to gain revenue," he said.  "Hua Mingda related head Ma Chuncha told reporters. "We will now focus on the business development of the second-tier cities in the province, we have in Yellowstone, Ezhou, public security set up branches, and currently is with Xiangfan, Yichang, tianmen in contact, the intention is not bad."  Lu Xiaojun said.  Industry insiders said that in such a depressed market environment, the large intermediary brand effect is good, relatively sufficient funds, and operating longer, than the small intermediary more responsive to market changes, so they are mostly through the expansion of other businesses to deal with the market downturn. (Changjiang business newspaper Huang Nina)
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