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I was in college when that was also in 08 began to focus on SEO, also remember the first contact this noun is in a technical class, I thought the teacher said CEO wrong to say to SEO, now think also special interesting, so is also curious about this noun, and then on the Internet to find out, It's my first date with SEO.

Then I started a small station, I think the optimization so powerful can be done to the site rankings, but also think must learn this technology.

In the beginning also do not know where to learn from the Internet to search this information, I remember the earliest online found A5 recordings, that will also have Peng brother, then the tong in the SEO industry has been very famous, of course, now also very famous, and then saw Moonseo have free courses, it is I remember is a weekly class , and then every night with a notebook to listen to online training. That is to learn something on the feeling of special pride, at the same time I bought a book, every day to see the sleepless, then it is with SEO love.

At that time I also made a few small station, also certainly will use the knowledge which oneself learned, every day sees collects the rank

Waiting for our real fast graduation time, found that the current SEO is also a fire, many companies to recruit SEO personnel, but also feel that they can, interviewed several companies, but for the interview company, they are looking at your actual case. So it can only hit the wall.

Finally, now the company can trust me, let me come to try, so I also took part in a system of training courses, now also through their own technology, our company's three website keywords are ranked first, this I am also a special pride.

Now oneself and SEO have been inseparable, they also determined their own ideas, to go their own SEO road, now every day's work is to optimize. Now the idea is in the company to understand the company's products in this industry, and then their own through the technology can be online to do a single, their own work, this is also my own ideas, now I also do a station, also be a big platform for their own, Now I also linked to a project, has been planned, is implemented, I believe that look for, it will be successful!

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