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Recently, a variety of "> network media coverage of large data. We searched for news about Big data on Baidu. For example: "The global ushered in the" Big Data era, the data become more and more useful resources, the Chinese Industry Research Association, "Big Data: When can companies profit from" and so on. The paper talks about big data, the general reaction is the wolf! It is reported that the big data is the future of new energy, promote social, enterprise innovation driving force; There are reports that the big data is the future of corporate brand positioning, planning, marketing vane: more even reported that The future who grasps the big data is grasps the enterprise in the society the discourse right.

This shows that the company is now the desire for data is very high! In July this year, Alibaba set up a "chief data officer" position in management to manage the large data-sharing platform of "poly Stone Tower", which creates value by sharing data on Taobao, Cat and Alipay, a subsidiary of Alibaba. Coincidentally this model also appears in China's Internet enterprise Tencent, Tencent is through the establishment of Community open platform to achieve a large number of data interchange, to explore greater business opportunities. All the internet giants have started to hit the idea of the data! So how to crawl and use data for small and medium sized businesses without platforms or technologies?

I know a lot of companies doing data, including a small nine WiFi products are deeply affected. Personal opinion this WiFi product is really able to help small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve data landing. Because with the growth of smartphones, WiFi has become a consumer's just need. In the sales center to see rooms, in the hotel to eat, in the 4s shop car has the need to link WiFi internet access. All businesses also hang up with a WiFi-supplied logo. is based on this just need, Chongqing, a state-level High-tech enterprises, invested a large amount of research and development capabilities, developed a small nine WiFi products.

If a restaurant uses a small nine WiFi system, all incoming consumers can link to free WiFi via their mobile phone. After the link, the consumer can use the handset to order the meal in the restaurant, call the service. All mobile phones as long as the link to the network, the customer's mobile phone number will leave traces to the business management backstage. So when the consumer enters the restaurant again, what is his last consumption, how much he consumes each time, and so on. Will form a simple and straightforward statement for the merchant. To facilitate business understanding of their own business situation, and through the data to adjust the strategic direction of the enterprise. Small nine WiFi is for business data mining, do analysis, do integration. Details can be Baidu small nine WiFi, here I will not say more.

Large data gives people hope. But what we need to do is to understand the importance of data, timely mining suitable for enterprise data, and the data to make systematic analysis, integration! Let more employees, more regularly, make better use of the manageable data. Then let the business gradually be based on data to take action, only in order to make big data dream become a reality.

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