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Now, Apple users can get free Trend™smart surfing for iphone apps from the iphone App Store, which helps protect iphone and ipod Touch users from cyber threats and cybercrime. The application leverages trend technology's WEB reputation Assessment technology (Trend micro™ Cloud security components) to prevent the IPhone and Apple™ipod touch mobile device users from inadvertently accessing sites that might contain malicious content, thereby avoiding the theft of confidential information and personal data. Therefore, while the user is strongly advised to update the device with a security patch, such as a patch that Apple released immediately after the SMS vulnerability is discovered, it is also necessary to download the Smart surfing using trend technology to provide an additional layer of security by preventing users from accidentally accessing potentially exploitable sites. Surfing the Internet, the risk of no constraints based on trend technology, a recent survey of more than 1,000 smartphones and iPhone users over the age of 18 (including 18 years), the loss of mobile or contact information and personal data is more worrisome to smartphone users than Web-threat intrusions or phishing scams. 44% of respondents believe that using smartphones, which may not have security software installed, is as safe as using a personal computer to access the Internet. According to the survey, only 23% of smartphone users use security software that has been installed on their smartphones. One-fifth of respondents did not think it would be very effective to install security software on their phones, and in their view the risk of using smartphones to surf the web was small. Despite the feeling, most smartphone users remain unfamiliar with the type of Web threats that invade their smartphones, and nearly half of the respondents have been hacked by malware. Phishing is the most familiar "threat" term for smartphone users – 80% of them understand the threat and 20% of users have encountered phishing scams, which often trick victims into providing ID information, accounts, names, and passwords by replying to emails. Another problem that smartphones often encounter is spam. In the past 3 months, almost half of the respondents had received spam e-mails and 17% of respondents reported that the number of spam e-mails was increasing. Half of the respondents opened e-mail attachments on their smartphones in the last one months, and 40% of them clicked the URL link in their phone's email. IPhone users – The more they go online, the bigger the threat. The survey found that apple™iphone™ users are more likely to use smartphones to access audio/video sharing sites, shopping sites, blogs and web logs and social networking sites than other smartphone users. Send and receive e-mailand open the e-mail attachment or click the URL link in the e-mail message. Listen to music, watch videos, download music, use GPS features, and visit online gaming sites. It's often impossible to Qimei, and the slick Web browsing feature makes the iphone appealing to digital enthusiasts, but it also makes iphone users more vulnerable to Internet-related threats than other smartphone users. For example, if the most recently reported IPhone SMS vulnerability is not repaired, hackers may extract their personal information and control the device when a user accesses a malicious Web site, an unsecured 3G or WiFi connection. For consumers who use mac™ computers and are worried about online security, there is a trend-oriented technology, another product, Smart surfing for Mac, to shop online, use online banking and surf the web, while keeping the computer safe from attacks on personal identities and confidential information. The product includes parental controls to prevent children from visiting inappropriate sites. Trend Technology Free Tool:  Trend Technology Lightning Antivirus hand v1.53: Detoxification Quick Clean poison my fastest access to the Internet worry-free electronic eye (WTP): Web Threat Defense tools to help you remove the Black Heart link  Network security experts (TIS2009) stand-alone products public beta: Cloud Security protection Technology 0 infection " Responsible Editor: Xu Fengli TEL: (010) 68476606 "to force (0 Votes) Tempted (0 Votes) nonsense (0 Votes) Professional (0 Votes) The title of the party (0 Votes) passed (0 votes) by the original: Smart phone is not safe, the trend of technology cloud protection iphone return to the network security home
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